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All You Need To Know About Chinese Visa!

Q&A with ImmerQi Intern: Hisi Ko   Before you take your first steps in China there are several must-do tasks that you need to complete. One of them –  a major and not to underestimate –  is the visa application. Please find below important questions that might be good to know and relevant for your new […]


Au Pair: Bored Of Your 9 – 5 And Craving Adventure?

Au Pair Amber

When I hear China I automatically picture factories, loads of people and not a foreign person in sight. Not to mention the so called pollution where seeing a blue sky just does not happen, which I would definitely like to clear up quickly. Starting off by saying, Beijing (which is supposedly pollution central) actually has […]


Journalism Intern: Beijing And Its Hidden Surprises!

After studying International Development for 3 years, and specialising in China, I felt it was time to experience it first-hand for myself. I applied for the King’s College Global Internship Programme in 2016 but unfortunately I didn’t get a place. In 2017 I was successful and landed an internship for a magazine in Beijing. I […]


Project Assistant: I <3 Beijing!

Houhai Tour

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chinese takeaway, pandas, The Great Wall, Terracotta Army, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Growing up as a kid, that was all I knew of China. It was enough to set off the imagination, and I could only dream and hope that someday, maybe someday, I’ll find myself wandering around in the land […]


Teaching Intern: My China Adventure!

Danni with her student

My year long internship with ImmerQi is drawing to a close; and although my time in china is over, the memories from here will be everlasting. A constant source of happiness and amusement. The highlight for me by far is the job. I never knew it was possible to love as job as much as […]