Whilst ImmerQi’s program fees are part of what you will spend for your time in China, there are other expenses that you should plan to budget for. These include your round-trip airfare, meals, visa fees, insurances, travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.
Living in China or overseas does require savings but it can also be done affordably with smart planning and how budget your expenses in China. We want to make your China experience as affordable as possible and we want to help you find even more ways to reduce your costs. Read tips on how to have a meaningful and affordable experience in China.

Your program fees

Students and parents sometimes ask why we charge a program fee. All ImmerQi programs are comprehensive and in order to run a high quality with exceptional service, there are a number of expenses involved to ensure you get an amazing experience. The items below are included in a standard ImmerQi program package. As there is some variance in all of our programs, please visit the page of the program you are interested in and look at “Program Highlights” to see everything included for that program.

Program Fees

Everything from your pre-departure advising, orientation, training, enrolment, Mandarin, cultural activities, arranging your placement and onshore support involves real costs and plenty of effort to ensure you can focus on having a meaningful experience.


For programs where housing is optional or listed separately, we pre-screen and select your housing so you can move into your accommodation upon arrival. Utilities are included in the housing fee. Read more in your specific program page or ask your program advisor for more details if you require more information.


If you are wondering whether you will be able to afford an overseas experience, there are many fundraising that you should consider. We’ve compiled a list of innovative ways that students in the past have raised money.
  • We encourage you to check these scholarship options to see if you are eligible for any
  • Use a crowdsourcing platform such as FundMyTravel
  • If you are a member of a church or club you could see if they would be interested to sponsor you
  • Reach out to your family, personal and professional circles
  • Sell some of your unwanted personal belongings on eBay
  • Work part time work during your spare time and weekends

ImmerQi Scholarships

ImmerQi offer various scholarship options to help reduce the personal cost of your program. Applying early, committing to blog whilst in China or having your institution affiliated with us are some of the ways to potentially reduce your program cost. ImmerQi Digital Storyteller Scholarship This award is given to students who wish to capture their experience in China and share it with the world! Whether it be blogging, providing content for ImmerQi’s social media or vlogging, you will work with the ImmerQi marketing team to capture your journey in China. Amount Awarded: $200 ImmerQi Partner Institution Scholarship If your institution is an affiliate of ImmerQi or interested to become a partner institution, you may receive up to a $300 grant towards your program fees. ImmerQi Early Bird Scholarship This scholarship is available to students who pay for the entire program fees at least 90 days prior to their arrival in China. Amount awarded: $100 Speak to our program advisors to find out if you qualify for an ImmerQi scholarship and what’s involved to start saving money. Additionally, check out the external scholarships list below.

Financial aid

Your costs of studying or interning abroad may be eligible to be applied against financial aid from your home institution. Confirm with your financial aid office that the aid you qualify for may be put toward a study abroad program. Upon acceptance into the program, your program advisor will provide you with the necessary financial aid paperwork. We will work with you and your institution’s financial aid office throughout the process. Following are a few steps to guide you in the process. If you or your parents/guardians have questions, feel free to give our office a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help!

Understanding financial aid

Financial aid is any assistance from your home institution towards your degree. This includes student loans, grants and scholarships (federal, state, institutional and private). Any federal financial aid that you qualify for can be used to study abroad if the program has been approved for credit by your home institution. For state and institutional financial aid, your home institution determines if the aid can be used for your overseas experience.

Speak to your institution

If you are looking to embark on a program overseas, we recommend you speak to your study abroad/academic advisor and financial aid officer at your institution. Find out what financial aid options there are and what’s involved in the process to be eligible.

Submit your program budget

Submit your program’s budget to your financial aid office, which will enable you to determine the amount of aid you will receive toward your program. The budget should include the program fees, housing, meals, living costs, textbooks, insurance, visa fees, transportation, airfare and any extracurricular activities you plan during your time overseas.


Please ensure relevant payments are made prior to payment deadlines whether you are receiving financial aid or not. Speak to your financial aid officer to ensure they are aware of relevant deadlines.

Make a payment

If you are looking to pay your deposit or final program fee you may pay visa either of the methods below.

Pay in your own currency

Using Flywire, you may pay in your own currency of choice and receive competitive exchange rates and fewer bank charges. You may pay online via credit card or receive payment instructions to pay at your local bank. Note: To complete the payment via bank transfer, you will need to make arrangements with your bank (in-person, online, or over the phone)

Pay by bank transfer

If you prefer to pay via direct bank transfer pay to the account below. Account Name: IES Global China (HK) Ltd. Bank Name: HSBC (Hong Kong) Bank Address: Causeway Bay Branch, 1/F, Causeway Bay Plaza II, 463-483 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Account No.: 809-101447-838 SWIFT: HSBCHKHHHKH Add an additional US$50 for transaction fees if paying by bank transfer.