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Earn USD 1000 per month teaching English in China on a work visa. Accommodation, meals, and completion bonus included.


It only takes 5 minutes, no commitment required.

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Packing up your life and moving to China may seem crazy, but we think it’s a great way to try something new. Whether you’re a recent university graduate with no teaching experience or a qualified teacher who just needs a change, we have positions available in hundreds of schools across China to match your skillset and experience.

5 reasons to try teaching in China

5 reasons to try teaching in China

  1. It’s affordable: Our program is one of the cheapest ways to discover China.
  2. Challenge yourself: Test-drive your skills in a new and totally different environment.
  3. Enhance your CV: Experience in a global superpower like China is valued by employers around the world. Make sure to pick up some Mandarin during your time here as well!
  4. Build your professional network: teachers are highly regarded in China. Make valuable connections amongst colleagues, parents, and school leadership.
  5. Plan for the future: You will receive a generous monthly salary and completion bonus. Your accommodation and meals are provided. No excuse not to start saving!



Program Snapshot


Orientation to teaching in China in Beijing


Teaching placement in a Chinese school


Program Duration: 6 months


Program Start Dates: January and August


All accommodation and meals included


RMB 6500 per month salary, completion bonus

Program Structure


  • Location: Beijing
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Get ready for life and teaching in China
  • Get to know the ImmerQi staff
  • Establish communication channels
  • Discover Beijing – one tour day of the city!
  • Try Chinese food with a tasty welcome meal

Teaching Placement

  • Locations: Placements available in Jiangsu Guangdong, Zhejiang provinces
  • Duration: One semester (about 4.5 months)
  • Types of schools available: Private and public schools, training centres, international schools
  • Age groups available: Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, High School

After The Program

  • Location: Anywhere you want!
  • Duration: time left on visa (+/- one month)
  • Possibility of a full-time job offer: Negotiate a new contract with your school Most schools will want to keep you on!
  • Travel: Use the time left on your visa to explore China or travel the rest of Asia!



Program Highlights



Teaching position in a Chinese school

Work visa assistance

Pre-departure support

Airport pickup

3-day orientation in Beijing

Transfer to placement

RMB 6,500 per month salary (approx. USD 1,000)

RMB 6,500 completion bonus (approx. USD 1,000)

Accommodation - private room in shared apartment

3 meals per day on working days

Negotiate a full-time job offer at end of the program

24/7 onshore support from us!




China is one of the most diverse countries in the world in both culture and scenery. You can literally be lying on a tropical beach one day, riding through the desert on a camel the next, and climbing snow-capped mountains the day after that. Every province has its own unique landmarks, speciality foods and traditions. Read up on our three program locations and make sure you plan lots of travel on the weekends to make the most of your time here!






  • Don’t usually require a fee for students to attend.
  • Little to no foreigners working there
  • English is a fairly new subject


  • Require a yearly or semester fee
  • Teaching English is a priority
  • Other foreigners work at the school
  • Many private schools are boarding


  • Focus on intensive English tuition
  • Classes take place after school and on weekends
  • Classes are smaller and organised based on ability, not age


  • Require a yearly or semester fee
  • Other foreigners work at the school
  • Many are boarding schools
  • Use a foreign curriculum and promote international education

Age Groups

Do you enjoy repeatedly singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’? Or are you more suited to dealing with pumped up teenagers? Select the age group that is most suited to your skills and experience. We offer positions in Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, and High School.

3 - 6 Years Old

7 - 12 Years Old

13 - 18 Years Old



Program Eligibility


Bachelor’s degree


Aged 20-50


Native English speaker


OR degree from native English country


TEFL Certificate


OR two years teaching experience

Native English Countries

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Don't have a TEFL?

We can help! Ask us about our TEFL options when you apply!


Application Fee



 Application Deadline
Program Start DateProgram Completion
Winter 2018 IntakeNovember 23 2017February 23 2018July 15 2018
Summer 2018 IntakeMay 31 2018August 26 2018January 15 2019
 Program Start Date
Winter 2018 IntakeFebruary 23 2018
Summer 2018 IntakeAugust 26 2018

Meet The Team

We want you to have the best possible experience in China, so we’ve put together a kickass team to help you do that. All of our foreign staff have taken part in our programs in the past so they know exactly what it’s like to be where you’re standing. Having someone there who understands those culture shock moments and can help recommend a good pizza place when you’re missing home will help keep you sane. We know, we’ve all been there! They’ll be the ones to contact you when you apply and will provide 24/7 support for the entirety of your time in China. So be nice to them!

Matt Piechocki

Operations Manager
Teaching Programmes

Matt's Story

Matt is from Ohio, USA and first came to China in 2013 to undertake ImmerQi’s Teach & Travel China Program. He holds a Bachelor of Film Studies and is a qualified TEFL teacher, he previously taught kindergarten and primary school in Guangdong and Taiwan. He resides in Beijing and has a big interest in anything film related and speaks intermediate level Mandarin.

Biggest Culture Shock Moment

Finding out that toilet paper and hand soap are rarely if ever present in many public restrooms.

Favourite China Memory

In the first week of the training period my fellow interns and I took a taxi into the city center. We met a college student who escorted us to his university that was putting on a massive outdoor talent show. Eventually, we and group of 30 other university students went to a local KTV (karaoke) and spent the entire night singing an equal mix of Chinese and Western songs. It was only when the sun came up that we realized we had to go home. I still communicate regularly with some of the people I met that night. 

Top China Tip

Relax, get over yourself and accept things as they come. You’re not in your home country so things will be done differently. One foreigner is not going to change a country of 1.5 billion peoples way of operating. 

Ben Bray

Programme Coordinator
Teaching Programmes

Ben's Story

Ben came to China in 2013 and taught in Guangdong through ImmerQi’s Teach & Travel China Program and holds a TEFL. He is from Accrington UK and is a huge rugby fan and plays for the Beijing Ardvark rugby team on weekends. He holds a Bachelor of History and lived in NZ and Australia for working holidays. His favourite food is hotdogs (a weekly staple for him in Beijing), is a heavy metal fan and plays the drums.

Biggest Culture Shock Moment

My biggest “culture shock” was when I arrived at the school, after the initial “wow, I’m here” wore off and I realized that I was in a Chinese town where almost no one spoke even a little bit of English! At that point all the crazy architecture, the people, and the language barrier hit me in one go. It still occasionally happens to me today, where I will look up and have a moment where I realize “Oh yeah that’s right, I live in Beijing”.

Favourite China Memory

There are so many to choose from that I’m a little hard pressed. Being given a baby to hold outside of the Forbidden City, meeting all of my awesome friends from my internship who I’m still in contact with now or my student winning a national English completion all come to mind. However, I’m going to give to top prize to the moment that I walked into my classes to take photos with them at the end of my internship. Having not seen them for 2 weeks due to exams, I walked in and got spontaneous rounds of applause, there was screaming, cards, and presents and it really hit home how much I meant to these kids and how much they had meant to me. Plus it’s never bad to feel like a star. 

Top China Tip

Do the stupid thing! Obviously within reason, have common sense, but if a Chinese family invites you to do something, or people that you’ve made friends with tell you about something you’d never even thought of doing, then go do it! China has lots of hidden gems to explore and do but if you don’t try you will always look back and think what if…

Alicia Oliver

Programme Coordinator
Teaching Programmes

Alicia's Story

Alicia is from Staffordshire, UK and resides in Beijing. She first came to China in 2016 to undertake ImmerQi’s Teaching Internship Program where she taught kindergarten and Middle school children in Beijing, she holds a TEFL. Alicia is a keen traveller and started travelling at the age of 18, she has lived in NZ for two years, Australia for 6 months and also travelled Bali. Alicia loves socialising, fitness and is a foodie and in particular loves spicy Chinese food.

Biggest Culture Shock Moment

The biggest culture shock for me was the food. I wasn’t a huge fan of Chinese food before I came to China, so seeing chicken feet, rabbits head and just about every part of an animal on my plate was a huge shock for me. I used to say ‘I’ll eat anything’ but Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore…this is China and uttering those words is just asking for trouble.  

Favourite China Memory

I don’t have one particular moment that I would consider as my ‘favorite’ as I’ve had so many but the most valuable thing that I’ve gained from this experience are my friends.

Top China Tip

Let it go and accept that everything is different here. Be spontaneous and just enjoy the adventure!


Application Process

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