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Our Story

We help people find their purpose through China experiences.


You did everything right. You worked hard, got good grades, did a bunch of extracurriculars… But now you’re a little lost. Or maybe you just want a change.

We Help People Like You

We’re a family-owned and operated business with a passion for China. We’ve been around for a while now (since 1992!) and we love how this huge and crazy country keeps reinventing itself – it never gets boring and has lots of opportunities for all types of people. Headquartered in Beijing, we are leaders in China when it comes to creating tailored education and cultural exchange programs for participants around the world.

Who are our programs for?

Short Answer: ANYONE

We have programs for people aged 18-50 who come from anywhere in the world!

We find that the people who most benefit from our programs are those who:

  • Are unsure of their next career steps
  • Need more experience on their resume/CV
  • Want to get work experience while at university
  • Wish to take a gap year or a career break
  • Want to discover China and/or learn Mandarin
  • Just want the adventure of a lifetime

Our Partners

We’re lucky enough to partner with some great institutions around the world.

Interested in getting your students to China?

Why We Love China

When we started out in 1992, we were pretty different to what we are today. Based in Australia, we worked to recruit and support Chinese students wanting to enrol in Australian universities. As we worked to bridge the gap between East and West, we found ourselves increasingly drawn to China and wanting to help others discover this wonderful place. So in 2005 we packed up our bags and moved to Beijing. The opportunities here are endless and there is so much to explore. We’re still discovering new reasons to love China every day and are so lucky we get to share them with people around the world!

The Stuff that Defines Us

Interning abroad has been shown to be improve your future employability, earnings potential and economic wellbeing.

Family owned and run

We have built our business on family values of trust and solidarity. This means we take pride in caring for all our staff and program participants like they are our own family.

China experts

We live and breathe all things China. 100% of our operations are run here, so we know how to get things done. We have 10+ years of experience running programs in China and have welcomed over 5,000 participants in that time. With staff in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as partnerships within more than 10 provinces, we really have seen it all!

International team

All our programs are delivered by our awesome international team based in China. We are made up of passionate people from over 10 different nationalities! Our mix of local and international staff ensures we are qualified to deal with any problem. Most of our local team members have been with us 5-15 years, and many of our foreign staff are former program participants themselves!


We offer some of the most affordable programs in China with the highest level of in-country support and inclusions. How can we do this? We are headquartered in China so that you can directly access our programs and benefit from our network.

Participant safety

We take the health and safety of our participants very seriously. Our program coordinators are on call 24/7 to help resolve issues from lost property, to illness, to anything else that might come up. We have comprehensive student safety and response measures in place to handle any incident.

Read more about our health and safety procedures here.

Giving back

We actively support locally run NGOs and grassroots organisations through donations, contributing our own time, and offering participants ways to get involved. We believe in promoting sustainable travel and giving participants the chance to give back to the local community.

Equal Opportunity

We aim to make our programs accessible to as many people as possible – everyone should have the opportunity to experience China! We have experience accommodating participants with impairments or disabilities and can arrange suitable placements or accommodation in such cases. Our programs are also made more financially accessible through partnerships with scholarship providers.

ASEAN Outstanding Business Award

AFES 2011, 2013, 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility in International Youth Education

JCI Socially Responsible Company Awards, 2012

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder Dato Joanne Wong

Global Leadership Awards, 2014

Woman CEO of the Year 2015, Founder Dato Joanne Wong

Global Branding Awards, 2015

Socially Responsible Entrepreneur, Founder Dato Joanne Wong

JCI Socially Responsible Company Awards, 2013

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