We at ImmerQi believe it’s very important that organizations like ourselves use their reach, ability, and resources to give something back to a community that has provided not only a culturally rich, diverse and interesting place to live but amazing life-changing opportunities to participants who otherwise may not have been able to experience life abroad. Every member of the ImmerQi cares deeply about their corporate social responsibilities and this becomes evident when you look at all of the excellent initiatives ImmerQi staff have developed and contributed towards. ImmerQi is pleased to have been formally recognised for its CSR and give back initiatives – we are the three-time consecutive winner in the Education category at the JCI Socially Responsible Company Awards for 2012-2014.  


  An example of one staff member’s initiative is ImmerQi’s very own Volunteer Program China (VPC), which has long and short-term options. The long-term program gives participants the opportunity to volunteer in a foster home for visually impaired children. Volunteers get stuck in with really meaningful tasks, providing serviced learning and working in specialized areas. ImmerQi not only supports this wonderful organization by providing them with enthusiastic volunteers, but also by frequently donating substantial sums of money and holding company visits, during which the staff helps out with some manual labour tasks around the farm. ImmerQi considers it an honor to be able to work with such a fantastically generous charity. The short-term program involves providing volunteers with community service placements and them giving back to local organizations, ranging from centers for adults with learning disabilities to homes for poverty-stricken children. Whatever the length or program, all aspects of VPC are aimed at helping those who so desperately need our assistance.  


  ImmerQi’s other programs are not without their CSR contributions. The Teach and Travel China program (TTC) is not just about providing foreigners with international teaching experience, but also about giving students in local communities the chance to learn a skill that will help them enormously in their future endeavors – the English language. We send our interns to the furthest corners of the country in this mutually beneficial program, to teach students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to learn English from a foreigner. Our teacher interns are gaining invaluable social and life skills that will help further them in their future endeavors, including independence, confidence, and responsibility.  


  The China Internship Program (CIP) also contributes to the local community by working with organizations across several industries, including NGO’s. ImmerQi has provided several interns, who perhaps are interested in both business and volunteering, with positions within organizations in Beijing, some of which are charities. Interns who join CIP are not only helping Chinese organizations to become more internationalised but improving their own outlook by gaining precious international work and life experience!  


To set in place ImmerQi CSR initiatives, policies and a yearly action plan so that the direction of our corporate responsiveness is clear, our involvement is complete and the momentum of our practices are maintained.


ImmerQi strives to implement and abide by the following values in order to promote; ethics, economic development, environmental, societal and community awareness through its staff, program participants and partners within China and overseas. 1. Promote, market and provide quality products and services 2. Provide information that is truthful and useful to our clients 3. Provide a family-friendly work environment 4. Engage in responsible human-resource management 5. Engage in open and flexible communication with employees 6. Invest in employee training & development 7. Engage in fair trading practices with partners, suppliers and customers 8. Demonstrate a commitment to the environment 9. Support and build awareness of local community needs 10. Demonstrate a commitment to sustainable development 11. Strive to have a positive impact on society 12. Understand and Obey governmental laws and regulations 13. Commitment to internationalised education & cultural immersion 14. Commitment to staff and program participant health and safety 15. Promote and build positive relationships within the ImmerQi team


Volunteer Training Workshop – October 2014 ‘Look With Your Heart’ awareness campaign – October 2014 Huiling Independent Living Workshop: Baking – September 2014 Huiling Independent Living Workshop: Fruit Kebabs – June 2014 Temple of Heaven field trip – July 2014 Huiling Charity Walkathon – May 2014 2nd Annual Tree Planting Event – March 2014


Christmas Box Donation – December 2013 ImmerQi‘s 21st Birthday – October 2013 3rd Annual Corn Harvesting – October 2013 Color Run Beijing – August 10th 2013 Clothes Drive – July 2013 ImmerQi attend Comedy Charity Event – June 29th 2013 A Trip to the Zoo – June 27th 2013 Huiling Charity Marathon – 18th May 2013 Recycling Bottles for Charity – 16th May 2013 Sun Village tree planting for Arbor month – 6th April 2013 Attended seminar on NGO landscape in China by China Development Brief – Febraury 2013 Responsible Travel presentation to 2013 TTC Winter intake – January 2013


Foster Home Christmas Concert – 19th December 2012 Roots and shoots donation – sponsoring a toy train! – 3rd December 2012 Movember – November 2012 Team Building Day at the Foster Home – 22nd October 2012 ImmerQi sponsors a community football team – 16th October 2012 Raising funds for the Foster Home – 23rd September 2012 ImmerQi wins JCI Socially Responsible Company Award – 16th September 2012 ImmerQi became a member of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) – 20th August 2012 Introducing Responsible Travel to Teach and Travel China interns – August 2012 ImmerQi at the Charity Auction – April 9th 2012 First Volunteer Program China Participant Arrives – May 17th 2012


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  ImmerQi program participants aren’t just travellers, they are encouraged to become integrated and contributive members of their new community. This article is all about how you can do your part to support ongoing recyclying initiatives in China. Another piece has been written for your reference regarding other ways you can be a responsible member of your new society. Be sure to travel responsibly, support local small businesses and respect the laws and regulations of the country you are visiting.


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