See inside the world of Chinese startups.

Ingrain yourself into the China startup scene with our China Entrepreneurship Program which will provide you with a taste of the startup world and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Relevant startup experience

Work on a specific project, get mentoring and learn what it takes to run a startup

Meet leaders & influencers

Attend expert workshops, make valuable connections and find opportunities

Get hired

You will be more employable or have found inspiration to start your own business!

                  Program Snapshot


Durations of 4-24 weeks available


Monthly intakes


Possible stipend


Beijing & Shanghai


Mandarin not required. Good English level required


Available to undergraduates or a recent graduate

Program Highlights

The ImmerQi China Entrepreneurship Program has a comprehensive list of inclusions to ensure you have a rich and memorable experience in China. More information.

Guaranteed Placement

Pre-Departure & Visas

Chinese Lessons

Arrival & Orientation

Social Activities

Career Development


On Site Staff

Five Killer Reasons to Intern in a Startup

More responsibilities working in a small team

Build your professional network that attracts other like minded people

Innovative environment working with passionate, creative people

How to run a startup. Goal setting, strategies, launch, operations & more

Exposure to the Chinese business environment, business customs and culture

“Beijing will be the only true competitor to Silicon Valley in the next 10 years” – Recode Magazine

Most funding worldwide

Startups in China have the largest pool of money for startups in the world, and five times the sum raised by other venture firms around the world combined – Silicon Valley included.

New wave of entrepreneurs

Led by a number of young people educated in top universities abroad or in prestigious domestic universities. These leaders can offer priceless mentorship and development opportunities.

More hands-on experiences

“When I left China, I left with experience that would have been twice as hard to get here.”

 – Chris C. Anderson, Senior Editor at the Huffington Post

A program with tangible outcomes.

Boost your resume

  • Help a local startup solve business challenges
  • Create your online and offline self-brand
  • Impress local startups and industry leaders

Develop marketable skills

  • Build up practical skills and develop business acumen
  • Foster creativity & problem solving skills
  • Develop confidence and leadership skills

Build up your business capital

  • Learn key business and entrepreneurial concepts
  • Develop your network and key contacts for the future
  • Get inspired to consider launching your own business

Become a China expert

  • Understand Chinese business customs and culture
  • Gain first hand experience in a fast, dynamic economy
  • Learn Mandarin, one of the key languages today

China’s startup scene

You will work closely with a startup where you will be given a specific projects to put your business knowledge to the test and gain exposure to many facets of the startup world. Previous projects include social media strategy, competitor analysis, event planning, revenue research, customer research and website work.

China is the perfect environment to intern in a startup, with a high concentration of startups, high investments in research and technology, government backing and pure market size. Successful startups include: Baidu aka the “Google of China”, Lenovo, Asia’s leading smartphone seller and DJI the popular drone company.


Intern in a true startup playground.


Beijing is infamous for being the cultural, historical and political hub of China and wonders such as the Great Wall of China!


Shanghai is China’s most internationalised city, aspiring to be a global financial centre and with a unique blend of colonial and modern architecture.


Undertaking an internship in China is an investment in your future though requires savings to live overseas.

Find out how to have a memorable and affordable experience through budgeting and funding options. If you are parent or institution we also address typical questions. Read More >

Prices & Dates

The following table outlines current prices for our China Entrepreneurship Program, excluding flights and insurance.

We take payment online through secure online gateways.

Start dates are available each month.

DurationStandard program
- no Mandarin
Premium program
- includes Mandarin
4 weeks3,3303,550
8 weeks4,3004,900
12 weeks 4,7005,800
16 weeks5,6006,900
20 weeks6,5008,000
24 weeks7,4009,150
You should apply at least 90 days prior to your intended program start date.

 Application DeadlineInternship Start Date
December 2017 Intake7 September30 November
January 2018 Intake12 October4 January
February 2018 Intake9 November1 February
March 2018 Intake7 December1 March
April 2018 Intake18 January12 April
May 2018 Intake8 February3 May
June 2018 Intake8 March31 May
July 2018 Intake12 April5 July
August 2018 Intake10 May2 August
September 2018 Intake7 June30 August
October 2018 Intake19 July11 October
November 2018 Intake9 August1 November
December 2018 Intake6 September29 November

You should apply at least 90 days prior to your intended program start date.

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it – hear personal stories and highlights from our ImmerQi alumni!

Zhi Wei Ong, Australian

As someone who is always seeking life challenges and enjoys what the world has to offer, I’m glad I made my decision to come to China for my internship. I wouldn’t say that the grass is always greener on the other side, but stepping out from my comfort zone is what I needed. read more

Jeremy Gallant, Indonesian

I completed a Food and Beverage internship at a high-end Beijing hotel as part of my university’s required internship experience. Getting the exposure and mentoring at all the hotel’s various restaurants and bars gave me great insight into the each outlet’s management and operations. read more

Sabrina Gennarino, Italian

I was looking for something more than just the commercial design that is reigning in Italy and different companies all over the world. China appealed to me as I wanted an experience that would allow me to mix my European background and personality with Asian culture. read more

Meet the Team

Rice Li, Program Manager

Rice Li grew up in Qingdao, Shandong and graduated with an MBA degree from Northeastern University in Shenyang. Rice has been working at ImmerQi for over five years, and is based in Shanghai as the program manager for our China internship programs.

Asiya Iskhakova, Program Coordinator

Asiya is responsible for making sure interns’ experiences go smooth from the beginning till the end. She is originally from Siberia (Irkutsk), Russia and has been living in Beijing for five years. She has a bachelor’s degree in international business & management and studied Chinese for two years.

Sally Ren, Program Manager

Sally is from Beijing and graduated from the University of International Relations, majoring in English. Sally’s responsibilities include maintaining good relationships with our host companies in Beijing, program development and operations.


As a final year hospitality management student, I had to choose a location for my 6 month practical experience. I really wanted to go to China as I felt it was the right place for me. I then found ImmerQi that really worked hard to make my journey to China successful....

read more


Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival is a drama platform that invites international crew members here in Beijing China to share their performance techniques. The supporter and sponsor are Wang Xiang, a dentist. In Wang Xiang’s opinion, performing arts is his life....

read more

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