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2 Down, 2 To Go!

We at ImmerQi enjoy Yasmin Elkin’s blog, the story of the lovely girl who got engaged on a Teach & Travel China tour day! We thought we would re-visit her adventures in between Hangzhou and Qingdao and also remind you to read her blog as its great! Prisoners! Prisoners in our hostel no thanks to […]


Aaron Gordon: An Unexpected Journey

TTC intern after the internship

As the summer of 2012 ended, Aaron Gordon, a Teach & Travel China intern in 2010, finished a year of Volunteering at a Peace and Reconciliation centre in Northern Ireland. At this point, some would choose to work, some would choose to study something but not Aaron who simply stated ‘I think I’m going to […]



TTC Tour day

Another early start for our intrepid interns as we readied for a full tour day to the Summer Palace, Birds Nest Stadium, Yashao market and finally finishing with a fantastic Chinese acrobat show! Starting off in high spirits, thanks to one of our interns singing to the entire bus, we arrived at the summer palace […]


Leaving Beijing And Arriving In Yuyao

New Intern, Ben Baker has kindly agreed to write about his experiences in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province! During our time in Beijing, there were all the obvious highlights but a personal one for me had to be “The Only One I Know” by The Charlatans blaring out during a half time footie match at Irish bar, […]


KTV Went Off With A Bang

With the first assignment out the way just in time for New Years Eve, celebrations were most definitely compulsory! Two days off over Spring Festival gave the interns enough time to recuperate and revel in Chinese New Year merriment and cheer. And what merriment and cheer was had! First, in the form of the much-loved, […]


A Blooming Marvelous Day

6:45am, a cold and frosty morning in Beijing Flowery interns trudged to the familiar coffee shop awaiting their bus ride to spectacular adventure.  I wouldn’t usually use the word ‘flowery’, but that morning the interns had taken it upon themselves to dress in the most vibrant, floral thermals.  It was awesome. It was to be […]


Scorpions For Supper & Tarantulas For Tea

Fried scorpions, grass hoppers, tarantulas, starfish, sea horses, chicken’s heart and erm…donkey (and this pains me to say) penis were just a few of the delightful delicacies on the menu for the interns’ dinner this evening. And no I assure you this isn’t the food that we serve in the training centre’s canteen; but rather […]


Inner Mongolia Day Three: Fossilized Fun

A GIANT 4 STORIES FOSSIL! China’s biggest fossil, China does seem to have the biggest of everything and today was no different. Today after a well deserved lie-in (slightly longer for some of us) we had a city tour of Hohhot. First stop was a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist place named Jokhang Temple, where we spent […]

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