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Moon Cakes And iPods

Do I have a tale for you. These past couple of days have been crazy – non stop! Have you heard of a Moon Cake, or Moon Festival? Nope, well neither had I. To be short and sweet (like the cake) a Moon Cake is the Chinese version of a Fruitcake, yup, that also means […]


Winter Wonderland

The frost covered coaches lined up patiently awaiting the copiously clad interns in the half -light of the icy dawn.   Snowflakes fluttered in the frozen wind, coating the ice-glazed pavements in fleecy whiteness.  The pallid heavens polished the way for the tour bus snowploughs to voyage across the dicey Beijing boulevards. The Summer Palace stood, […]


Interns Get Their Chi On!

Taichi Class

Tai Chi – or T’ai chi ch’uan (太极拳) is an extremely popular kind of Chinese martial arts practiced throughout centuries. I don’t know about you guys, but when I think “martial arts” I think kicking, punching and insane fighting a little a la “Karate Kid”. But a quick google search proved me wrong on that […]


Scorpions, And Snakes, And Spiders! Oh, My!

Wangfujing Snacks

Have you ever eaten a scorpion? How about grasshopper? Snake? Tarantula? I thought not, and if you’d asked our very brave interns yesterday morning, I’m sure they would have turned green at the thought. Not now, though, because last night saw our trip to Wangfujing and the famous ‘snack’ street. Grasshopper and scorpion are just […]


Sports & Games In China

It is inevitable that with such a long history and great culture China should have developed several unique and traditional sports and past times. Although China has long been associated with the martial arts, sport in China today consists of a small variety of competitive sports played in China. Chinese Kungfu (also called “Wushu”) has one […]