Scorpions, And Snakes, And Spiders! Oh, My!| 2 min read

Wangfujing Snacks

Have you ever eaten a scorpion? How about grasshopper? Snake? Tarantula?

I thought not, and if you’d asked our very brave interns yesterday morning, I’m sure they would have turned green at the thought. Not now, though, because last night saw our trip to Wangfujing and the famous ‘snack’ street.

Grasshopper and scorpion are just some of the delicacies Wangfujing has to offer, this bustling tourist street is well known for frying up any manner of interesting and stomach turning insects and mystery meat. As we all climbed on to the subway, challenges were set and bets made, in classic Chinese style no one wanted to lose ‘face’ against their fellow trainees and many agreed to eat anything they were faced with. Perhaps they didn’t know what to expect but the interns sure showed their worth and got stuck in straight away, crunching on without hesitation.

Jørgn Hansen from Norway proved to be the bravest, facing the dreaded tarantula that many a seasoned advisor stays well away from… and apparently it tastes just like pork, who knew?! Less brave, but surely more used to it, was Issac, one of our Chinese advisors. We had to force a tiny scorpion into his mouth and for some reason he wasn’t keen… wimp!

For the less adventurous (and vegetarian!) Wangfujing has much more to offer, dumplings, candied fruit, and roast chestnuts and as much tourist tat that you could hope for! With everyone feeling very smug with themselves and many new stories to tell, we all headed back to uni, realising we’ll have a new appreciation for canteen food from now on!!

Rachel Yoon

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