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Planning, Writing And Completing Business Messages In China

When you want to send business messages to your potential clients, partners or even to your colleagues, your messages need to be both effective and efficient at the same time. You obviously do not want to waste anyone’s time in any possible way! However you might wonder – is writing business messages in China different […]


Why Study Mandarin?

Mandarin is becoming more and more useful and the reasons are all very different as to why people study it. The world’s most widely spoken language and yet travel to most countries outside of Asia and you wouldn’t know it. The US and UK have recently made Mandarin an optional subject at most schools along […]


Short And Long-term Internships: The Advantages

Time is relative, in some cases it doesn’t seem to exist, as suggested in Waiting for Godot. Although when it comes to an internship the time spent certainly does exist, and depending on how long it is, different attributes are gained. Recently, short-term internships, or sometimes called Snap Years, have become all the rage. Yet, […]


Visa Matters

It’s easy to fall in love with China during just a short visit. Many people, following their internships in China, choose to take their new found knowledge and experience to the next step, which is applying for fulltime work in China. An internship through ImmerQi is bound to lead you towards finding yourself a career, […]

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