December 16

10 Reasons To Take Gap Year: Infographic| 1 min read


Once upon a time, I announced to my family, friends and teachers that I was taking a gap year and moving to China.

Unsurprisingly, I was met with shock, horror and desperation. “You’ll forget how to study and never go back to university!” they said, “think of how your year-long holiday will look to employers!”.

Five years later, taking a gap year is still the best decision I ever made. But don’t take my word for it: even acceptance letters from Harvard encourage students to take time off before they enroll. What’s more, a recent study found that students who take a gap year are 90% likely to return to university within one year. This makes them MORE likely to attend university than their peers.

So to help you out next time you find yourself defending your gap year, here are ten excellent reasons why you should drop everything and move abroad. We’ve even made you a helpful infographic because we know how much effort reading is when you’re busy trying to plan your next adventure!

Palm Tree by b mijnlieff from The Noun Project
Suitcase by Ecem Afacan from The Noun Project


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