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The opportunity to intern in China can be so much more than simply an internship. China is immensely unique in it’s culture and the experiences it can offer all those who choose to explore it. Throughout your experience, skills can be gained that will not only help you professionally but also teach you numerous life skills.

Often the main reason for engaging in an internship is to obtain experience in ones chosen field of work. The most popular areas of work are business, marketing, trade and consulting, however there are so many other sectors available in China, such as architecture, hospitality and education. Because of China’s constant state of innovation, development and change, it is a great place to become familiar with the working world. Unlike similar internships located at home, internships in China offer the opportunity to develop completely different skills, which others in the same field will not necessarily have.

Participating in an internship in China will also allow for the development of life skills. The majority of applicants are recent graduates who have never really lived on their own, supporting themselves entirely. Thus, learning how to function on your own by cooking meals, getting to know new people and figuring out how to get around will be extremely helpful when college is done and you start a career and ultimately, the rest of your life. Another benefit to interning in China is international experience.

Going abroad has a tendency to change ones life and perspective of the future. Leaving your home and traveling across the world can cause you to see just how big and beautiful the world really is. Stepping far away from all comfort zones will broaden your mindset on the opportunities that life has to offer. With these new personal developments and experiences, employers and friends and family will notice the fresh potential you have, compared to others who perhaps don’t have as much experience. China is full to the brim with opportunities and experiences; a trip to China will always leave you with more than bargained for.
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