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Au Pair China

Discover the real China. Live with one of our wonderful host families.

Accommodation, meals, and Mandarin lessons included.


It only takes 5 minutes, no commitment required.

The Most Affordable Way To Travel China

We think everyone should get the chance to experience the craziness that is China at least once. But that can get very expensive, very quickly. Au Pair China is a chance to discover Chinese life from the inside, gain some tutoring experience, and have all of your expenses covered. With monthly start dates and a minimum duration of just 8 weeks, this is our most flexible program yet.

5 reasons it’s NOT what you think!

  1. No Housework: Au Pairs work as live-in private language tutors for the host family. You are not required to do major housework tasks!
  2. Free Mandarin Classes: Our au Pairs get to enjoy 20 hours of Mandarin classes per month!
  3. Employability: Major corporations increasingly look to hire employees with China experience!
  4. Build Networks: Our host families have established jobs, often in positions of responsibility. They give you opportunities for networking!
  5. Best Way to Travel: Being an au pair in China is the best way to travel both inside and outside of the country.

Can You Handle Au Pair Life In China?

Are you adaptable? Can you keep calm in crazy situations? Test your skills and see if Au Pair China is the right program for you!

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Program Snapshot


Program Duration: 8 to 24 weeks


Program Start Dates: monthly


All accommodation and meals included


20 hours Mandarin lessons/month provided


RMB 1,000 per month allowance


Completion bonus of up to RMB 6,000



Experience life Beijing or Shanghai – China’s two largest cities. Eat weird food, meet eccentric locals, try out your Mandarin skills and immerse yourself in centuries of rich history and culture. Beijing and Shanghai both have their unique charm, character, and landmarks… so visit both if you can!


  • China’s international and financial centre
  • Top sights include the Bund, Yu Garden, Nanjing Road
  • Summers are hot and humid, winters not so cold but no heating
  • People speak Mandarin and Shanghainese


  • China’s political, historical, and cultural centre
  • Top sights include the Great Wall, Olympic Park, Forbidden City
  • Summers are hot, winters are dry and cold but good heating
  • People speak ‘standard’ Mandarin with an ‘err’ accent (like pirates!)


We also offer smaller city placements if you are looking for a truly immersive experience! Guangzhou, Changsha, Tianjin, and Zhongshan are all great, modern, international cities, with an ‘off-the-beaten-track’ feel. Great for explorers, nature lovers, and those who love a challenge.


  • Sprawling southern coastal city
  • Cool avant-garde architecture
  • One of China’s most modern cities
  • Delicious cuisine – Dim Sum!


  • Capital of Hunan province
  • Rich historical heritage
  • Near Zhangjiajie UNESCO site
  • Great nature and wildlife


  • Major port city near Beijing
  • Laid-back, modern city
  • Pleasant river promenade
  • European style neighbourhoods


  • On the Pearl River Delta
  • Near Macau, HK, Guangzhou
  • Voted ‘National Clean City’
  • Good mix of city and nature


Program Highlights

Placement in a Chinese host family

Visa assistance

Pre-departure support

Airport pickup

Orientation and city tour

Welcome pack with SIM card

RMB 1,000 monthly living allowance

Completion bonus based on duration

20 hours of Mandarin classes per month

Accommodation – private room in family apartment

3 meals per day

24/7 onshore support from us

Completion Bonus

Your completion bonus will depend on how long you decide to au pair for, as au pairs available for longer durations are in higher demand. Obviously, timing constraints may not allow you to au pair for longer than a few months but if you have the luxury of time we highly recommend staying longer. You’ll get to know your host family better, have more opportunities to improve your Mandarin, and have more time to travel and discover China.

Duration 1 or 2 Months3 Months4 Months5 Months6 Months
Completion Bonus AmountNo BonusRMB 3000RMB 4000RMB 5000RMB 6000


Discover Au Pair Life


Au Pair Life

Meet our Host Families.

ImmerQi host families undergo a careful vetting process to make sure they are qualified to welcome our au pairs. All our families:

  • Lead successful lives as lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Have lived or travelled abroad
  • Are interested in cultural and language exchange
  • The parents’ English levels may vary but they all display a willingness to communicate, even if only through sign language!
  • Most families have children aged between 3 and 14 years old
  • Many families employ an Ayi (housemaid) for chores and cooking

Life as an Au Pair

Working Hours

  • No more than 30 hours per week
  • No more than 6 hours per day
  • 1.5 consecutive days off per week
  •  3 paid days off per 3 months

Care for the Children

  • Tutor the children in English
  • Help the children with their English homework
  • Wake the children up or put them to bed
  • Take the children to and from school
  • Play with the children indoors and outdoors
  • Serve as a positive role model to the children

Care for the Family

  • Take care of own accommodation cleanliness
  • Wash and fold own clothing
  • Contribute to preparing simple meals
  • Help the family with the grocery shopping
  • Assist host parents with any international travel plans

Au Pair Stories

Find out what it’s really like to be an au pair in China from people who have actually done it. They tell it much better than we do!

Ross Butler, United Kingdom

“One of the best things about working as an au pair is getting to meet the other au pairs who are all extremely friendly and interesting. With the wide variety of nationalities and languages I find myself able to practice my french and spanish on a regular basis while simultaneously improving my Chinese. As a language lover it is heaven!”

Rachel Meadowcroft, Australia

“I am now 2 months into my 6 month Au Pair program and I have been enjoying my stay in Beijing so much. Travelling and exploring the world has always been a dream of mine, so going to China seemed like a great opportunity, especially as I wanted to improve my Mandarin skills. I also get along well with children so becoming an au pair just seemed like the perfect fit! My main responsibilities are to help my au pair child with his homework and to play games with him during his breaks. In my free time, I have so many opportunities to explore Beijing and its many great tourist spots – the Forbidden City and Jingshan park are amazing!”

Beijing by Bike and the Art of Making Dumplings

Being an au pair with ImmerQi has brought me to Beijing and being new to the city I purchased the Lonely Planet Guide and have been using it as my trusty companion for the last three weeks. Subsequently, I decided to write about my experiences of the...

Life as an Au Pair in Beijing!

Au Pair in China: First Week in Beijing My first week as an au pair in Beijing with ImmerQi has involved green tea ice cream, fermented egg, and countless imaginary tea parties. The little girl I au pair for is aged just four but her English skills are far superior...

Top 10 Reasons to become an Au Pair Abroad!

So you’ve heard about being an Au Pair, but don’t quite know what to make of it. Have no fear, here we outline 10 reasons why you should consider taking the plunge and being an Au Pair abroad!   1. The Money   While your actual living allowance or...

Au Pair: How We Raised More Than RMB 10,000 This Year!

While being an Au Pair in China, or most other countries as well, you often get the pleasure of enjoying whimsical adventures and other, more quiet outings. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in a major yearly charity event. The...

Au Pair: My Treetop Gliding Adventure with Ally!

What is Tree Top Gliding? Treetop gliding is human natures way of flying like a bird. Free until you reach the end of the line and your feet fight to find stability. Many times I ended the glide with sand in my pants because my feet failed me! “I was like a swan-...

Au Pair: A Day Trip to the Hutongs with My Au Pair Kid

THE HUTONGS TRIP: If you are lucky enough to get placed with a family that encourages you to explore your surrounding areas you will find that often you’re able to take your child with you on these adventures. I am allowed to take my girl, Ally, out every...

Au Pair: My Au Pair Kid’s Birthday Party with Full of Surprises!

While being an Au Pair you find yourself smiling at the most unexpected things. You find that you experience joy in the most hidden corners of your heart. You start to feel like the child is, in fact, your younger brother or sister and not just the children you...

Au Pair: A Skiing Adventure With My Host Family

For you today, dear reader, I have got two very necessary quotes. The first one is Anonymous, “Skiing is a dance and the mountain always leads.” I remember once, I was a movie about the disabled boy who wanted nothing more in life other than to learn how to ski....

Au Pair: Nightlife In Beijing

I thought that I had hit the motherload of parties and the nightlife extreme when I was back home in South Africa, at least until I was introduced to Beijing nightlife. From Wangfujing street to Tian’anmen square and Sanlitun club and bar street Beijing is...

Au Pair: My Time At The Beijing Zoo

Like most countries in the world, Beijing too has a place where one can escape for the DOs and DON’Ts of adult life. The easiest place to tuck yourself into your inner child and explore the lives of animals from all over the world without leaving the borders....


Program Eligibility

This is our most accessible program yet!

Here’s what you need to qualify:

⇒  Be 18 or over  ⇐

⇒  Be fluent in English  ⇐

No university degree or TEFL required!



 Program Start Date
JulyJuly 13 2017
August August 12 2017
September September 16 2017
OctoberOctober 21 2017
NovemberNovember 11 2017
DecemberDecember 16 2017
 Application Deadline
Program Start Date
September 2019 Intake13 June 20195 September 2019
October 2019 Intake18 July 201910 October 2019
November 2019 Intake8 August 201931 November 2019
December 2019 Intake12 September 20195 December 2019

Meet the Team

Ben Bray, Program Manager

Ben came to China in 2013 and taught in Sichuan through ImmerQi’s Teach & Travel China Program and holds a TEFL. He is from Accrington UK and is a huge rugby fan and plays for the Beijing Ardvark rugby team on weekends. He holds a Bachelor of History and lived in NZ and Australia for working holidays. His favourite food is hotdogs (a weekly staple for him in Beijing), is a heavy metal fan and plays the drums!

Matt Piechocki, Application Specialist

Matt is from Ohio, USA and first came to China in 2013 to undertake ImmerQi’s Teach & Travel China Program. He holds a Bachelor of Film Studies and is a qualified TEFL teacher, he previously taught kindergarten and primary school in Guangdong and Taiwan. He resides in Beijing and has a big interest in anything film related and speaks intermediate level Mandarin.

Lorcan O'Hara, Program Coordinator

Lorcan first came to China in 2014 to take part in ImmerQi’s Teach & Travel China Program. He is from Tipperary, Ireland and has a keen interest in photography and travel. He has taught TEFL to kindergarten and primary school students in Guangzhou and Taipei.

Application Process

Thinking About Applying?

It only takes 5 minutes! No commitment required. We’ll be in touch with lots of information and the opportunity to ask a million questions.