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Our Au Pairs are nurturing, trustworthy, enthusiastic and join us from all around the world. They are looking to live with a Chinese family and be a role model to your child.

Improve your child's English level

Build up their confidence

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Bring out your child's inner spark

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  • Cultural, historical and political hub of China 
  • One of the six ancient cities in China
  • The Beijing Duck is a must try
  • China’s most internationalised city
  • Aspiring to be a global financial centre
  • Unique blend of colonial & modern architecture

Au Pairs Seeking Chinese Immersion

ImmerQi au pairs come from all around the world. For some this may be their first time overseas as a cultural experience whilst others may have already experienced professional life.

Our au pairs are excited to learn a new language, adapt to a new and exciting landscape, get intimately connected with the Chinese culture, be a role model in your family whilst gaining valuable experience.

ImmerQi has established many business partnerships in China to ensure that all participants gain the most professional and rewarding work.


Success Stories

Au Pair Testimonial

My favourite part is getting to meet the other Au Pairs who are all extremely friendly and interesting. With the wide variety of nationalities and languages, I find myself able to practice my French and Spanish on a regular basis while simultaneously improving my Chinese. As a language lover, it is heaven!

ross buller  //  Au Pair, UK

Au Pair Testimonial

You start to feel like the child is your younger brother or sister and not just the children you are assigned to look after and teach for the duration of your exchange program. You start wanting to do things that will mean putting a smile on their sweet little faces!

Amber jade'friend  //  Au Pair

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Benefit your child today with enthusiastic, international Au Pairs.