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Health & Safety Procedures

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Our Team Will Make You A Priority

We understand that safety is the most important aspect of a successful China experience. We have rigorous safety procedures in place and with our 20+ years of welcoming people like you to China, there’s very little we haven’t come across before. On the rare occasion something does go wrong, you can be confident a prepared and experienced team is there to help.



We provide our participants with lots of resources and information prior to their arrival in China including: 

Pre-Departure Guide

Our comprehensive pre-departure guide includes emergency contact numbers, health & safety information, & everything else you need to know to feel prepared for your China experience.

Comprehensive Health & Travel Insurance

We require all our participants to have health & travel insurance for the duration of their time in China. We can provide advice on suitable policies & check that everyone is adequately covered.

Pre-Departure Call

We always arrange an interview or pre-departure call to give you more information about the program & answer any questions you may have. We also make ourselves available on Skype, WeChat & E-mail.


Support in China

Once our participants arrive in China, we ensure that they feel fully ready and supported for their experience: 

In-Country Orientation

We organise a comprehensive orientation for all of our participants. We give an introduction to China & cover customs, business etiquette, accessing money in China, fun things to do around the city & other helpful tips. 

Safety Briefing 

Our safety in China briefing is a key element of the orientation we provide to all participants upon arrival. We discuss potential scams, how to identify counterfeit currency, responsible travelling, & health & safety guidelines to ensure a successful experience.

Emergency Cards

We provide all participants with Emergency Cards in their arrival pack. These contain key emergency numbers and staff contact numbers. Our staff are on-call 24/7 to respond to participants.

First-Aid Trained Staff

Our program staff are fully trained in first aid to assist with any minor medical injuries and implement protocols per ImmerQi’s Risk and Crisis Management plan.


Emergency Response

ImmerQi has a comprehensive health and safety policy in place to ensure that all risks and incidents are effectively managed. Our staff are first aid trained and we organise frequent staff training events to ensure that the team remain up to date on all procedures.

Our Risk & Crisis Management Plan includes the following:

  • Frequent risk assessments
  • A red, amber, green incident grading system and corresponding response measures
  • An online incident reporting and tracking system
  • A monthly review of all incidents & how these were handled

Our Risk and Crisis Management Plan outlines what to do in the event of:

External Crises

- Natural disasters

- Terrorism

- War

- Political emergencies

- Disease epidemics

Individual Crises

- Life threatening injury or disease

- Traffic accident

- Death

- Personal crisis in home country

- Missing participant

- Crime against participant

- Loss of passport or visa expiry


Guidelines for Participants

  • Read and carefully consider all materials issued by ImmerQi relating to safety, health, legal, environmental, political, and cultural conditions in China
  • Consider your health and other personal circumstances when applying for an ImmerQi program
  • Make your complete physical and mental health information available to ImmerQi so we can ensure you have a safe and healthy China experience
  • Be responsible for fully preparing for your program by reading the pre-departure guide prior to travel and attending the orientation upon arrival
  • Purchase health and travel insurance so you are fully covered for the length of your time in China
  • Become familiar with procedures for obtaining emergency health and law enforcement services in China
  • Inform your parents/guardians/family about your participation in the ImmerQi program and provide them with a copy of the emergency contact details
  • Inform your parents/guardians/family of your China activities and travel plans
  • Understand and comply with ImmerQi’s terms of participation, code of conduct, and emergency procedures and obey Chinese laws
  • Be aware of local conditions and customs that may present health or safety risks when making daily choices and decisions. Promptly express any health or safety concerns to ImmerQi
  • Behave in a manner that is respectful of the rights and well-being of others, and encourage others to behave in a similar manner
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions

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