Code of Conduct

Participants on all ImmerQi Programs are expected to act with integrity, honesty, cultural sensitivity and accountability, follow the law of the land and comply with this Code of Conduct document.

SECTION 1: Participant Behaviour and Activity on the Program.

1.1 Expected Behaviour:
1.1.1 Act in a professional and ethical manner;
1.1.2 Dress appropriately;
1.1.3 Be positive and considerate;
1.1.4 Be culturally sensitive;
1.1.5 Communicate and behave respectfully;
1.1.6 Accept constructive criticisms and strive to improve skills set and knowledge;
1.1.7 Observe established health & safety codes.
1.1.8 Abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

1.2 Unacceptable Behaviour or Activities:
The following behaviour and activities are considered UNACCEPTABLE on ImmerQi Programs and any participant found engaging in such behaviour or activities will be subject to disciplinary action outlined under Section 3 of this code:
1.2.1 Willfully damaging, destroying or stealing property belonging to your Placement;
1.2.2 Coming to or being at your Placement under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
1.2.3 Bringing alcoholic beverages (unless with permission), drugs or weaponry onto Placement property;
1.2.4 Persistent unpunctuality, absence or unexcused absences from Placement;
1.2.5 Ignoring a majority of assigned tasks;
1.2.6 Engaging in personal activities during Placement hours that could interfere or prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities;
1.2.7 Using explicit or abusive language or behaviour towards individuals at your Placement or towards other ImmerQi participants;
1.2.8 Refusing or failing to complying with your Placement’s acceptable behaviour policy;
1.2.9 Smoking at your Placement without permission;
1.2.10 Giving or receiving bribes;
1.2.11 Asking or negotiating with your Placement for a wage or higher stipend;
1.2.12 Disclosing nonpublic information about your Placement to anyone outside the Placement unless explicit permission is given.

SECTION 2: Accommodation

2.1 House Rules & Etiquette:
2.1.1 Respect your roommates, regardless of gender and nationality;
2.1.2 Be respectful of the communal areas of the apartment and clean up after yourself;
2.1.3 You must dispose of garbage/recycling in accordance with the usual practice of the apartment or compound;
2.1.4 You must not leave excess rubbish in public or common areas;
2.1.5 Be respectful of the personal space and privacy of others; do not enter your roommates’ bedrooms without permission.
2.1.6 Always ask your roommate if you wish to have a friend or family stay in your room or apartment
2.1.7 If coming home late, do not disturb the house;
2.1.8 Be responsible for your keys; cut a second as a personal spare if necessary.
2.1.9 Do not create noise that is offensive or disturbing to your roommates or neighbours especially between 10pm and 8am.

You will be subject to the noise standards and orders issued by police or any relevant regulatory authority.

2.2 Prohibited Activities:
2.2.1 Using illegal drugs or the excessive use of alcohol
2.2.2 Smoking in the apartment unless given permission by roommate/s.

If you wish to smoke, try to find a designated area outside of the apartment or building.

2.3 Safety Expectations:
2.3.1 Do not leave your desk lamp on overnight;
2.3.2 Do not use a fan heater in your bedroom;
2.3.3 Practice fire safety in the kitchen when using a naked flame stove top;
2.3.4 Do not leave the apartment unlocked.

2.4 Accommodation Damages & Theft:
2.4.1 You are responsible for any damages and may bear the costs of any reparations;
2.4.2 If you intentionally or recklessly inflict unacceptable damage to the apartment, ImmerQi will take the necessary actions, including fines or expulsion from the program. The landlord may also take their own actions, including early end of tenancy;
2.4.3 In the case of theft or attempted theft of landlord’s property, you may be evicted.

2.5 Leaving Your Accommodation:
2.5.1 Ensure the room has been cleaned and is in the same state as when you arrived.
2.5.2 Do not leave anything that belongs to you in the room. If you do not choose to take some items out of China, either discard into a bin or gift them to friends.
2.5.3 Please leave keys (including those that have been cut) inside the apartment. Direct your roommate to these keys.
2.5.4 You must exit assigned accommodation on the pre-arranged departure date.

2.6 Discontinuation or expulsion from ImmerQi Program
2.6.1 If you choose to leave your Placement early or if you are expelled from the Program, you will be asked to vacate your accommodation assigned to you by ImmerQi.

SECTION 3: Disciplinary Procedure

IMMERQI takes any reports of gross misconduct seriously and is committed to a confidential and full investigation into any allegations.

3.1 Procedure for Serious Breaches of the Code:
3.1.1 ImmerQi Staff investigates the breach of Code allegation
3.1.2 Any serious breaches will result in immediate expulsion from the Program
3.1.3 For less serious offences, a verbal warning will be issued
3.1.4 If there is further misconduct a written warning will be issued.
3.1.5 For minor offences, a maximum of one verbal warning and two written warnings will be issued before Program expulsion
3.1.6 Expelled participants will receive no refund, in whole or part, of the Program fee and are not eligible to benefit from the support services or amenities provided. Participants will be responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of expulsion.