Meet Our Team!

Since 2004, thousands of participants from over 50 countries have taken part in our China Programmes whereby they learn, develop, and grow to become culturally rich, confident, and international professionals.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dato' Joanne Wong

Managing Director

Christine Wong

Executive Director

Alan Wong


Matthew Wong

Global Business Development Director

Andy Tan

General Director (China Operations)

Meet Our Staff

Sally Ren
General Manager

Ben Bray
Programme Manager

​Victoria Wan
Senior Programme Coordinator

Amy Yin
Finance Manager

Ivy Zhang

Przemek Drapikowski
User Experience (UX) Manager
& Staff Mentor

Chelsea Sun
Senior Manager of Teaching Programs

Matt Piechocki
Application Specialist

​Ella Li
Programme Coordinator

​Lorcan O'Hara
Programme Coordinator

Julian Luo
Student Advisor

Jing Chen
Programme Coordinator