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Are you seeking talented, motivated interns to help run your business in Beijing or Shanghai?

ImmerQi attract foreign and overseas educated Chinese students who are looking for an internship where they can contribute in a positive way and is mutually beneficial.

ImmerQi will pre-screen all candidates before they get to earn their internship position.

There is no cost to the host company unless you wish to provide a small stipend to interns placed at your host company.


All candidates are pre-screened & we ensure they settle into China comfortably by arranging everything from their pre-departure, to their networking activities. 

The ImmerQi team is also available 24/7 to provide support to interns outside of work hours.

This enables you as the host company to focus on assigning meaningful work, providing mentoring and in return having a valuable intern working on a project for you or however they can help.

Our host company partners typically have positive feedback on their interns and some have made full time employment offers.

Become A Partner Today

Benefit your company today with enthusiastic, international interns.

We Are The China Experts

We live and breathe all things China. 100% of our operations are run and delivered by our awesome international team in China!

These partnerships provide interns with rich workplace, educational and social experiences to help them stand out from the crowd, while giving host companies like yours the reassurance that your company is receiving benefits.

Host companies choose to work with us because of our vast experience and local knowledge of China, the quality of our programs, our unrivalled record on support and safety and our flexible approach to our partnerships.


Current Partners

ImmerQi have been based in China since 2004 and have built extensive networks to provide the best opportunities. 

We have partnered with valuable host companies that range from Chinese Fortune 500 companies, multinationals,  start-ups, NGO’s and Chambers of Commerce. 

For your institution

Designing a China programme from scratch can be daunting and a big drain on your time and resources.

We remove the hassle and will ensure a quality programme with student support and safety in mind.
We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and create a sustainable program befitting of your institute’s reputation.

In turn this will lift the profile of your university brand in China and enhance demand for your degrees with innovative and desirable placements.


Become global citizens with exposure to this fast-changing nation and help them stand out in the global workforce.

First hand experience to help translate the theory of their studies into practice. A tailored and supported experience so they can focus on the important aspects of their placements, and not have to worry about the detail.

Develop or improve Chinese oral and written communication skills, a key asset in many employment routes.


Success Stories

"The Center for International Programs of SUNY at New Paltz has worked closely with ImmerQi on a variety of initiatives over the past few years. In each case, we have been impressed with the integrity and efficiency of their operation. The on-site support is superb."

Bruce Sillner

Dean of The Center for International Programs

The State University of New York at New Paltz

Join the growing community of ImmerQi partners around the globe.

Benefit your company today with enthusiastic, international interns.