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Boost Your Prospects in China

Choose from our range of internships to suit your industry and needs.
Corporate Internship
Enhance your degree or CV with a relevant, international experience in China!
  • Placement according to your area of interest
  • Intern for 4 to 24 weeks
  • Exciting locations in Beijing or Shanghai
Hospitality Internship
Tourism & hospitality students can stand out by interning at a top hotel or restaurant in China!
  • Placements in China's top hotels & restaurants
  • Intern for 12 to 24 weeks
  • Stipend, meals & housing provided
Entrepreneur Internship
Gain inspiration for your own business and experience China’s crazy start up scene!
  • Placements in startups & co-working spaces
  • Intern for 4 to 24 weeks
  • Network with fellow entrepreneurs 

Why Intern in China?

90% of employers view prior relevant experience
 as a critical factor in hiring decisions.

Through our internship program, you will get a quality, international experience in China on your CV and learn a bunch of invaluable skills; enabling you to stand out from other jobseekers.

International Experience

Obtain practical experience, receive mentoring and learn about your industry

Build Your Connections

Attend networking events, make valuable connections and find opportunities

Employability Skills

Your China experience will equip you with desirable skills to employers and opens doors

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Take the first step toward standing out from the crowd.


Program Fee Breakdown

We offer transparency about costs and inclusions of our programs to allow you to make an informed decision.


Program Cost

From arranging your placement, orientation, Mandarin & monthly events.



Your own room in a convenient location, with wifi and utilities included.


Local Operations

On-site staff to provide advice & support to help you have a great experience.



General management of the program and other professional services.


Career Shaping Experiences

Corporate Testimonial

My expectations were truly exceeded through this internship. I will immerse myself in the blockchain industry for the present and foreseeable future.

Arnaud Hightower  //  Finance & International Business, United States

Hospitality Testimonial

I completed a Food and Beverage internship at a high-end Beijing hotel. Getting the exposure and mentoring at all the hotel’s various restaurants and bars gave me great insight into the management and operations of a hotel.

Jeremy Gallant  //  Food & Beverage, Taylor’s University, Malaysia

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Take the first step toward standing out from the crowd.