6-Month Work Visa Teaching

Attention graduates! Earn USD 1000 per month on a work visa.

Accommodation, meals, and Mandarin lessons included.

Teach & Travel China


No degree required. Non-native English speakers welcome!

Accommodation, meals, living allowance, Mandarin lessons, TEFL included.

Teaching Programs For Every Adventure.

No matter your experience, background, or where you’re at in your life, we’ll help you find a teaching opportunity in China!


For people who are:

•  Looking for adventure and travel

•  Keen to make lots of friends from around the world

•  Searching for a unique gap year experience


For people who are:

•  Recent graduates unsure of their next move

•  Teachers or those considering a career in teaching

•  Hoping to save up some cash money

Duration: One semester (4.5 months)

Start Dates: February & August intakes

Monthly allowance: 2000RMB

Completion bonus: 2500 RMB


Key inclusions: Accommodation, meals, Mandarin lessons

Orientation: 2 weeks in Beijing and Harbin

Program outcomes: TEFL certification (120 hours online training before China, 20 hours practical training in China)

Duration: 6 months or one year

Start Dates: February & August intakes

Monthly salary: 6500RMB

Completion bonus: 6500RMB


Key inclusions: Accommodation and meals

Orientation: 3 days in Beijing

Program outcomes: possibility of full-time teaching job offer with salary raise, TEFL course (optional)

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8 Ways Teaching In China Could Change Your Life









Teach in China. Open doors.

Challenge yourself to work in an exciting and unique business environment whilst learning to engage with other cultures. These are the kind of competencies that potential employers and peers value.

Become TEFL certified.

TEFL is a globally recognised certification and enables you to teach in exotic locations around the world.

Practical teaching experience.

China provides incredible practical teaching opportunities which can be difficult to obtain in your home country.

Make friends from all over.

Forge friendships from around the world and experience wanderlust for China and Asia’s attractions.

ImmerQi. Your China education specialist.

Since 2004, thousands of participants from over 50 countries have taken part in our China programs whereby they learn, develop and grow to become culturally rich, confident and international professionals.

China Experts

We are headquartered in China and have 20+ years experience running programs for students and young professionals.

Family Owned and Run

We are an Australian owned company and take pride in caring for all our program participants like they’re our family.

International Staff

Our staff is made up of people from 10 different nationalities. Our mix of local and international staff ensures we are qualified to deal with any problem.

Connect With Us

Find out what our participants and staff are up to and discover all of the opportunities China has to offer. Stay up to date with the newest positions, China info, career advice, and cute panda videos.

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it – hear personal stories and highlights from our ImmerQi alumni!

The halfway mark through my internship passed just a few days ago and it has quite honestly been a phenomenal 10 weeks of wild adventure, endless learning, continuous adjustment, vast and varied experiences and for me personally, a whole lot of growth!

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Millie Beazley, British

Teach & Travel China Program, Taught in Yantai

Overall coming to China to be an English teaching intern was the best decision I’ve ever made. It has permanently changed my life and my outlook on the world. The future isn’t scary anymore; it’s rich with life and possibility. I’m very happy.

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John Wilson Davis Jr, American

Teach & Travel China Program, Taught in Guangdong

Teaching in China was such a rewarding experience. These have been five and a half months that I’ll never forget. So if you’re thinking about doing something similar, leave space in your luggage for a whole lot of experience.

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Arvid Bertilsson, Swedish

Teach & Travel China Program, Taught in Guangdong

An Inside Story into Teach & Travel Training

After a delayed flight with a broken tv screen and lost luggage, my teach and travel experience could really only have improved. Nonetheless, I was not expecting to enjoy the training period so much. Especially considering days before my flight to Beijing I...

Why China?

Why go to a country which is 4,831 miles from home? Why go to a country where I can’t speak the language? Why go to a country which I know nothing about? Why not just teach in Europe? These are all questions which I kept asking myself, and others asked...

Top 5 Things to Do and See in ZhangJiaJie!

China recently celebrated the Tomb Sweeping festival which is a national holiday where people pay respects to their ancestors and burn objects like money, cars, and clothes made from paper so that they can enjoy them in the afterlife. Our school was closed for a...

Why Does It Cost Money to Do a Teaching Program?

You’re itching to get out and explore the world, but there’s just one thing stopping you, the money! Perhaps much to your surprise, it costs a fair chunk of change to go abroad and do both internship and volunteer programs. “But they’re the ones that need me,...

Top 10 Reasons to Teach English in China!

BONUS MATERIAL: FREE MANDARIN PHRASEBOOK More and more people are traveling these days, and one of the destinations becoming one of the most popular choices is the Middle Kingdom itself, China. But why China you ask? [box] Golden Nugget: I’ve seen Kung Fu Panda and...

10 Unique Things You Will Experience Whilst Teaching In China

Teaching abroad is more and more popular every year, and the countries in which you can teach are numerous. However, China, in particular, offers a few special perks and advantages over other countries, which we’ll get into here. Here are 10 unique things you...

Teaching Intern: Be Prepared for Anything and Say Yes to Everything!

…is the best advice I can give about teaching in China! There are a lot of things that happen in China, that you won’t see or experience anywhere else. Compulsory military training for middle school students, the headmaster handing out roses on teachers...

Teaching Intern: One of the Best Decisions of My Life!

Coming to China can be quite scary. For me, the move to a foreign country to take up a career in an entirely new field was a near frightening prospect. However, I decided to do it. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. This is, in part...

Teaching Intern: My China Adventure!

My year long internship with ImmerQi is drawing to a close; and although my time in china is over, the memories from here will be everlasting. A constant source of happiness and amusement. The highlight for me by far is the job. I never knew it was possible to love...

Teaching Intern: Omar In China, Adventure Is Always Around

The entire flight over to China it didn’t really feel like I was going to a different country and experience a different culture. As I was in the airport it hit me when I tried to fill my water bottle and was only given the option for hot water, I guess this is...

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