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Teaching Programs For Every Adventure

No matter your experience, background, or where you’re at in your life, we’ll help you find a teaching opportunity in China!

Teaching in China
Teach & Travel China
Spend a semester teaching English in China and travel during your spare time!
  • Orientation & placement in a school
  • Monthly stipend, meals & housing provided
  • Make friends from around the world
Teach and travel China
Work Visa Teaching
Year long teaching placements available for bachelor degree holders.
  • No prior teaching experience necessary
  • Salary, meals & housing provided
  • Travel during school holidays

Why Teach in China?

Teach in an exciting and unique country that is China. Whether you are interested in teaching long term or just want an adventure, you will pick up soft skills that will further your career.

Become TEFL Certified

TEFL is a globally recognised certification that enables you to teach in exotic locations

Employability Skills

Your China experience will equip you with desirable skills to employers and opens doors

Make Worldwide Friends

Forge friendships from around the world and experience wanderlust for China and Asia’s attractions


Career Shaping Experiences

Teaching Testimonial

It has quite honestly been a phenomenal period of wild adventure, endless learning, continuous adjustment, vast and varied experiences and for me personally, a whole lot of growth!

milley beazley //  Taught in Yantai

Teaching Testimonial

Teaching in China was such a rewarding experience. These have been five and a half months that I’ll never forget. So if you’re thinking about doing something similar, leave space in your luggage for a whole lot of experience.

ARVID bertilsson //  Taught in Guangdong

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Take the first step toward standing out from the crowd.