Short And Long-term Internships: The Advantages| 2 min read

Time is relative, in some cases it doesn’t seem to exist, as suggested in Waiting for Godot. Although when it comes to an internship the time spent certainly does exist, and depending on how long it is, different attributes are gained.

Recently, short-term internships, or sometimes called Snap Years, have become all the rage. Yet, understanding the benefits of both long and short-term internships can equip one to make a wise choice, or at least a smart rash decision.


The obvious advantage to a short-term internship is right there in the name: short. Not everyone has six months or a year to get the work experience required to obtain a job after college, so the opportunity to gain such experiences and fill up the blank space of your resume in less time can be just the right opportunity. Apart from time, it is also more cost-effective because less is required throughout its duration. Going abroad will still cost you a plane ticket, but it takes less preparation and sustaining from the supporting company, like ImmerQi, reducing the program cost dramatically. Because of the short time scale, the internship will likely be more focused and intense, leaving little room for boredom of too much free time.


There are some characteristics that cannot be found within a matter of weeks. For instance, some employers might see a six month or year internship to show commitment. Taking the time to gain valuable in depth experience can give your resume the push it needs to get straight to the top of the pile. The type of tasks undertaken will also have the potential of being more varied; you will be able to learn more about your field of interest and get more in depth knowledge.

Being outside of your comfort zone and away from all familiarity will give a glimpse of what it will be like to juggle work and life in reality. It really does change ones perspective when the realities of life are brought forward; experience that can only be gained through time. Lastly, if you payed to go all the way to China, a long-term internship will allow more time to travel and get more intimately involved with the culture.

Undertaking the challenge of an internship for a few weeks or a year will undoubtedly provide an experience you can reap the benefits of for the rest of your life.

Rachel Yoon

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