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An Inside Story into Teach & Travel Training

After a delayed flight with a broken tv screen and lost luggage, my teach and travel experience could really only have improved. Nonetheless, I was not expecting to enjoy the training period so much. Especially considering days before my flight to Beijing I sat surrounded by my siblings comforting me as I was sobbing about […]


Why Does It Cost Money to Do a Teaching Program?

China Paper Money

You’re itching to get out and explore the world, but there’s just one thing stopping you, the money! Perhaps much to your surprise, it costs a fair chunk of change to go abroad and do both internship and volunteer programs. “But they’re the ones that need me, what gives?” you think to yourself, “Why should […]


Teaching Intern: My China Adventure!

Danni with her student

My year long internship with ImmerQi is drawing to a close; and although my time in china is over, the memories from here will be everlasting. A constant source of happiness and amusement. The highlight for me by far is the job. I never knew it was possible to love as job as much as […]


Teaching Intern: My Favourite Thing About China

China. The first things that spring to mind are bustling cities full of people, smog-filled streets, terrifying roads and Jackie Chan. I haven’t seen Jackie Chan yet, but the rest is pretty much accurate for your first week in Beijing. I’ve never been outside of Europe before, and hadn’t actually left England for more than […]

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