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First 24 Hours…

Almost everyone has arrived, has settled into their hotels and is starting to get to know each other. With the time difference in China and after a long flight, the participants would undoubtedly be tired and so today is a rest day. At breakfast, temperature checks were done followed by photos being taken for their […]


Dreaming In Chinese: The One In Which I’m Soppy

Dreaming in Chinese

We really liked our amazing Teach and Travel intern Silke Auwers’ blog post looking back at her month of teacher training in Beijing. It really sums up the intern experience and how crazy China is! Check out her full blog here.   Seeing as we’ve entered the last week and are all leaving to our […]


Salty Milk Tea And Other Inner Mongolian Adventures

Travel Inner Mongolia

During Golden Week last month, over 30 Teach and Travel interns and a handful of ImmerQi staff headed North to experience the best that Inner Mongolia has to offer. One of our intern managers Elena Sigacheva, herself a former Teach and Travel participant, shares the highs and lows of these eventful three days. Prepare for […]


Tips On How To Bargain In China!

The TTC 2010 winter program is underway and it’s been a busy few days in preparation for it. Keep your eyes peeled as there will be regular blog postings! We’ll be putting up loads of interesting things such as Chinese idioms, Mandarin phrases/words, photos, videos, facts about China, information about Chinese cuisines and culture, tips […]



Beijing Tour Photo

With KTV still ringing in their ears we got the interns up bright and early for their first tour day on Saturday morning and we had somewhat of an epic itinerary to follow. We were heading for the Great Wall of China or as the locals call it “wǎn lǐ cháng chéng” and a trip […]


Departure Day – Time To Say Goodbye!

It was an early start for both interns and the TTC staff today as we prepared for departures with some of us up as early at 4am getting ready for the first checkouts. Interns were scheduled to check out at various times during the day and soon the whole campus coffee shop (our departure point) […]