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You’re itching to get out and explore the world, but there’s just one thing stopping you, the money!

Perhaps much to your surprise, it costs a fair chunk of change to go abroad and do both internship and volunteer programs.

“But they’re the ones that need me, what gives?” you think to yourself, “Why should I be paying to come over and help them out?”

Well, we’re here to help break it down for you and help explain why companies that run internship and volunteer programs,

such as the Teaching Internship program run by yours truly, ImmerQi, have to charge fees for their programs:

It is a business

It may seem redundant to say, but at the end of the day any agency or company is a business and they need money in order to run!

By participating in these programs run by these companies, you’re paying for the services and support they provide which you would not get were you to go it on your own.


In particular, when you enroll in a teaching program such as those run by ImmerQi, you’re getting a lot of assistance both behind of and in front of the scenes which includes:


1. Logistics

“Logistics?” you say to yourself, “What do you mean?”

Well, the fact is that getting people to China is no small feat!

From a large amount of paperwork involved with visas to finding and establishing relationships with schools that live up to our standards.

There are quite a few man hours and man dollars that go into creating a program before your feet even touch Chinese soil.

2. Airport pickup and transfer to schools

When you land in the country, we’ll be there to pick you up, and any and all internal transportation to the schools at the beginning of the internship and back to Beijing at the end of the internship

(or if you prefer, the cash equivalent of a train ticket if you’ve got alternative travel plans!).

No hailing expensive taxi’s necessary!

3. Orientation

For the orientation, experienced teachers are hired in order to provide you with Mandarin and other cultural classes throughout this period.

There are also tour days to local hotspots and famous sights.

Accommodation and meals are provided, and there are several presentations by ImmerQi staff members on culture and teaching itself.

Speaking of accommodation and meals…

4. Accommodation and Meals

For the entirety of the 6 months that you are in China, you will only be liable for purchasing your own food on the 2 days of the week that you do not have to teach.

For the other 5 days a week, you’ve got free grub!

Accommodation is also provided for the entirety of the internship, which eliminates a very large expense from your pocket (look up the rates of housing in cities like Beijing and Shanghai and you’ll see what we mean)!


5. Assistance in Country

At ImmerQi, we don’t stop helping you out just because the orientation period is over.

We have several dedicated foreign staff members called Program Advisors who have extensive experience living and teaching in China.

They are available throughout the entire internship to help you out with any and all problems and concerns you have that may crop up.

These advisors can help you with just about everything ranging from teaching advice, banking issues, giving directions when you’re lost, and more!

Okay, so you can see now where your money is going, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a little hard up when it comes to your funds!

No worries, one of the best parts of the program is that you’ll receive a living allowance every month.

This, combined with the free accommodation and meals, makes it quite easy to keep expenses down.

If you’re smart with your money, you can get through the entire internship without spending your own money while you’re in China!

Want to read more about China’s cost of living? Check out “Cost of Living” blog here!

To talk to one of our program advisors, please inquire here.

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