Inner Mongolia Day Three: Fossilized Fun| 2 min read

A GIANT 4 STORIES FOSSIL! China’s biggest fossil, China does seem to have the biggest of everything and today was no different. Today after a well deserved lie-in (slightly longer for some of us) we had a city tour of Hohhot.

First stop was a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist place named Jokhang Temple, where we spent some time inside the temple and the surrounding area of small, typically Chinese streets, a great way to start the day after such an active day (and night) yesterday.

We then headed to a lunch of Mongolian hotpot and proceeded to visit the Inner Mongolia Museum, home to the biggest dinosaur fossil in China. The museum is beautifully constructed and really impressive. The collection of fossils within the museum was really nice and well presented but the majority of us had much more fun chuckling about the strange use of English on the descriptions.

After a short look around the exhibits we headed to the city centre to Xinhua square. We would have some free time for the afternoon here until departing for the train station at 8.30pm. This was a chance for eating, shopping and general loitering in another of Hohhot’s laid back areas.

Our trip came to a close with a departure to Beijing to arrive the next morning, the last chance to chat with everyone led to some enjoyable and very early in the morning chats (and shoe hiding). Upon our arrival in Beijing, all shoes were accounted for and we each went our separate ways to return to our respective homes.

Rachel Yoon

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