Planning And Development Intern: Can’t Wait To Explore More!

Hello! My name is Kelly Brethauer, my Chinese name is 乐琴灵! I am currently interning in Beijing, China as a Planning and Development Department Ministers Assistant. Some of my responsibilities include assisting with market analysis research and translating documents. I have been here for almost two months now and am loving it! This is my second time living in Beijing but I am still learning new things about the city and culture every day!

Beijing Tour Day

Beijing Tour Day!

I enjoy picking up dumplings for breakfast from a local hole in the wall restaurant, trying new foods at the various restaurants around my office and home, and partaking in activities like Chinese painting, cooking classes and visiting cultural and historical sites.

Kelly Mandarin School

Kelly at Mandarin School

I am also studying Chinese while I am here and plan on taking the HSK test before leaving, but I believe the best way to practice Chinese is talking with the locals. It helps if you are willing to help them with their English in return! I am loving living in Beijing and I can’t wait to explore and learn more during the rest of my time here!

Kelly Brethauer, a planning and development department ministers assistant intern from China Internship Program, is placed in Beijing for 24 weeks, from United States.

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