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Teaching Intern: My Favourite Thing About China

China. The first things that spring to mind are bustling cities full of people, smog-filled streets, terrifying roads and Jackie Chan. I haven’t seen Jackie Chan yet, but the rest is pretty much accurate for your first week in Beijing. I’ve never been outside of Europe before, and hadn’t actually left England for more than […]


Semester Abroad: A Welcoming Life Abroad!

My name is Emile Bazile and I’m from America. I major in Political Science/International Relations. Growing up, I have always felt a need to travel the world and experience other cultures. Living in New York City, you meet diverse people every day, from all over the world. As I walked through the streets of New […]


Teaching Intern: Happiness In A T-shirt!


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival all! Today is China’s biggest national celebration (second to New Year, but that’s a given first spot isn’t it!?).  And so to celebrate ‘the lady on the moon’, I have stayed in bed all day. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Han calendar.  Essentially […]


Art Director Assistant: The Reason Why I Love Beijing

Beijing event

Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival is a drama platform that invites international crew members here in Beijing China to share their performance techniques. The supporter and sponsor are Wang Xiang, a dentist. In Wang Xiang’s opinion, performing arts is his life. He can leave everything behind but his performing arts. The great enemy of kindness is […]