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Dali: The Heart Of Yunnan Province

Dali, a bit off the beaten path down in Yunnan.  I visited Dali during Golden week… Although it was busy we found it really easy to get there and to find somewhere to stay. We traveled from Kunming to Dali by bus which was much quicker than the train and costs about 80yuan one way. […]


‘Submerged Light’ An Introduction To Shenyang

In a city like Shenyang, a happy and optimistic outlook on life pays off double. This is a real city with real people. Welcome to Shenyang, hope you enjoy your stay here! Stunning natural scenery or impressive displays of traditional Chinese architecture are quite rare here. Fortunately for us TTC interns however, that is not […]


Participant’s Blog: Taking The Challenge!

Internship participants

Living in your comfort zone will kill you. For someone who’s understanding of the Chinese language can be rightly called mediocre, it was intimidating to say the least to work with such a professional and fast-paced company such as my host organization. The company works with large names such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz therefore […]


Volunteer Intern: Mimi’s Adventure

volunteer intern

As I walked up to security, my eyes filled with tears. I was about to leave everything I had known and travel halfway across the world to China. I was leaving my comfort zone and everything that was familiar to me including my family, friends, food and so much more. This would be the longest […]

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