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Internship - Eduardo

My name is Eduardo, I come from Brazil, and my Chinese name is Niaiwo. I study mechanical engineering in Brazil, and I came to China for the ImmerQi Internship program.

What was attractive about the program you chose, why did you choose it?

I chose the company because the area I am studying is mechanical engineering so the automobile industry is always something really nice for this area. My host company also has overseas investment and an on-going project in my home country which is what I have been working on.

How has your experience been with the Chinese culture?

The Chinese culture is really interesting and to start with it can be a bit challenging for South Americans, or even Westerners. But it is really very easy to get used to it, and it is very nice.

Did you encounter any problems during your internship, and if so how were they resolved?

Yes, during the internship I often faced some problems, for example with the way the business works and the cultural differences, but I think it is up to you to go forward and try to solve it. It is easy to deal with the problems when you want to.

What do you think the benefits of choosing a company like ImmerQi?

The point about choosing a company like ImmerQi is when you come to the other side of the world, you really don’t want to worry about anything. What ImmerQi can bring to you is the feeling that you will be safe here.

What kind of Skills do you think you have developed?

The main skill you can develop is your ability to solve the problems and overcome the cultural difficulties. It is really good.

How do you think you will be able to use your experience?

Pretty much everything to do with the challenges I faced. I now can always understand another culture without any worries and solve all the problems. This experience helped me to learn to face cultural differences and business problems.

What advice would you give for somebody else who wants to come to China?

I would advise anybody that wants to come to China- ‘Just come! It will be good!’.

What are your plans when you return to Brazil?

I will get my engineering degree. At the same time, I am waiting for an offer from my host company as well.

Do you think you will continue to have a relationship with China in the future?

I really think so because China is one of the main business partners with Brazil for exportation and I will be in touch with China again.

How have you found the language barrier?

Chinese is really difficult to learn , more difficult than I thought. But for six months I have achieved a survival level, and when you work for an international company, English is the main language you use. Survival level is enough for the streets.
Do you feel like throughout your internship ImmerQi has been supportive?

Yes for sure! Every time I needed support I just called or sent a text and I could get in touch with them easily and they made my life so much easier in China.
Are you going to be a government liaison for your company?

In the future I am expecting the whole company in Brazil to be in touch with the government in my state, so we will see how that works out. I will be the bridge between the government in China and my company in Brazil.


Why would you recommend an internship in China, as opposed to a different country?

I recommend China mainly because it is a country that everyone needs to get to know. People really don’t know enough about China, and it is a really good place.

Eduardo Niero, Project Consultant intern from China Internship Program; was placed in Beijing on a 6-month internship; a student from Federal University of Santa Catarina

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