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Volunteer Intern: An Interview With Priscilla

An interview with Volunter Program China participant – Priscilla Azofeifa Please introduce yourself: What’s your name? Where are you from? My name is Priscilla Azofeifa. I am from Costa Rica, Central America. Why did you choose to come to China with ImmerQi? ImmerQi offered options that were really valuable for the foster home and for me. […]


Volunteer Intern: Celebrating Children’s Day

China welcomes Children’s Day with the crackling of fireworks at six in the morning until the very next day. At least it drowned out the sound of the roosters crowing in the morning, no? (Volunteers at the orphanage will understand). It’s a day where children are celebrated and recognized… and also stuffed with one too […]


Volunteer Intern: Mimi’s Adventure

volunteer intern

As I walked up to security, my eyes filled with tears. I was about to leave everything I had known and travel halfway across the world to China. I was leaving my comfort zone and everything that was familiar to me including my family, friends, food and so much more. This would be the longest […]


What Are You Doing Next Summer?

Next summer plans

The summer holidays are something that we all look forward to; it’s great to have a long, well-earned break; but many of us find ourselves falling into rather dull routines of boredom, when instead we could be doing something really worthwhile. Why spend such precious time on the couch at home when you could be […]


Second Huiling Independent Living Workshop: Baking Cupcakes!


Once again we teamed up with our partners for a workshop at HuiLing – a local non-profit organisation that supports and promotes equal opportunities for those living with intellectual disabilities in China – to run one of our independent living workshops. These skilled based workshops are geared towards promoting independence, allowing those with a disability […]


2nd Annual Tree Planting Event For Arbor Day

In celebration of Arbor Day 2014, ImmerQi staff, joined by some program participants and representatives from TsingHua University, spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon planting trees and picking strawberries in support of a local Beijing charity; Sun Village (太阳村) Last year, ImmerQi discovered an amazing charity located in north-western Beijing – Sun Village, who describe themselves […]

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