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Top 5 Things to Do and See in ZhangJiaJie!


China recently celebrated the Tomb Sweeping festival which is a national holiday where people pay respects to their ancestors and burn objects like money, cars, and clothes made from paper so that they can enjoy them in the afterlife. Our school was closed for a week to allow everyone to travel home so we took […]


All You Need To Know About Chinese Visa!

Q&A with ImmerQi Intern: Hisi Ko   Before you take your first steps in China there are several must-do tasks that you need to complete. One of them –  a major and not to underestimate –  is the visa application. Please find below important questions that might be good to know and relevant for your new […]


Engineering Intern: I Attended One Of The Largest Conferences!


After flashing my nametag and being waved in by the security guards, I stepped into the conference. Towering flashy booths of China’s largest nuclear energy companies greeted me with 50-inch screens stuck in their walls and lit-up 3D models of nuclear plants. Company representatives stood behind candy dishes, stacks of brochures, and plastic business card […]


Teaching Intern: China, I Am Back!

China I am back

Hello, my name is Marissa and I am a half Scottish, half Brazilian student who is in love with China. In 2009, during my gap year, I spent 8 months in China with Teach and Travel China (TTC). My first month was spent in Beijing doing TEFL training, Mandarin lessons and other cultural activities and the […]