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China I am back

Hello, my name is Marissa and I am a half Scottish, half Brazilian student who is in love with China. In 2009, during my gap year, I spent 8 months in China with Teach and Travel China (TTC).

My first month was spent in Beijing doing TEFL training, Mandarin lessons and other cultural activities and the subsequent months were spent in a tiny town (tiny by Chinese standards, it has a population of 100 000) called YueQing in Zhejiang province.

This was the first time I’d been to a “non-western” country and the first time I’d lived away from home. I was overwhelmed, intrigued and constantly fascinated. My first true love was Beijing. After my first month sped by, I returned to Beijing before leaving China for university, then came back to travel Beijing again the following year and now, 6 years later, I’m back again for a month staying with one of the girls I originally met  (and lived with) in TTC as she now works in Beijing. I even inspired one of my childhood best friends to give Beijing a shot and she’s working here too!

There are many things I could tell you about why I love China and why, in particular, Beijing is a great city. And whether this is your first time here or even if you live here, I hope I can share some of my enthusiasm with you.

I’ve written three articles outlining some fun things to do during the day and night and a few of my favourite food choices. This blog is not a list of top 10s nor is it all inclusive but I took two weeks as a returning tourist, a fancy camera and a list of places I’d never been to and tried to capture what makes Beijing so special.

Day Time Activities in Beijing

Night Time Activities in Beijing

My Favourite Chinese Food

Marissa Wilson, a teaching intern from Winter 2009 Teach & Travel China; was placed in Zhejiang on a 6-month teaching internship; a student in Medicine from Glasgow University; currently working in London as a doctor

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