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10 Tips For Responsible Travel During Public Holidays

With the pending holiday coming up for National Week (dubbed Golden Week) ImmerQi’s CSR Team want you to use this opportunity to not only experience this miraculous country but also share and practice responsible and eco-friendly travel! Pack bio-degradable toiletries. The ground water you may be contaminating is not your own. Reuse your water bottles […]


Salty Milk Tea And Other Inner Mongolian Adventures

Travel Inner Mongolia

During Golden Week last month, over 30 Teach and Travel interns and a handful of ImmerQi staff headed North to experience the best that Inner Mongolia has to offer. One of our intern managers Elena Sigacheva, herself a former Teach and Travel participant, shares the highs and lows of these eventful three days. Prepare for […]


Why Beijing Pollution Is Like Doctor Who

Beijing is a polluted place. We know this because it’s drummed into us by New York Times, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, basically by any media publication in the world for the last couple of years. The dreaded and much talked about Air Quality Index (AQI) tells us how bad it is each day and those […]


Trains, Planes And Massive Crowds!

Chinese Crowd during Holidays

It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago since this semester began and already there are holidays coming up! (It’s a hard life eh?) After all the confusion of working the weekends to make up for other days, teaching Fridays lessons on a Saturday and Mondays lessons on a Sunday, throw in 3 days off for the […]


Cost Of Living In China


When planning to visit China it’s important to budget how much you will be spending so you can do all the things you plan, visit all the places you intend to go and not have to worry about money issues once you are here.   What is the cost of living in China like?   […]


Transport In Beijing

In the past couple of years Beijing’s transportation infrastructure has expanded significantly. Among the many remodelling and architecture projects in Beijing in preparation for the Olympics, the Chinese government invested heavily in the transportation systems. If you are travelling to many destinations it is highly recommended you use the smartkart (Yikatong), which is a refillable […]