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Picture of Emma and her collegues at Chengdu Fair

My name is Emma Meroni and I am from Italy. I have divided my blog into 3 parts; my time in Beijing, my company and my business trip to Chengdu.

Emma at the Forbidden City, Beijing

My First Month in Beijing:

I have been in China for more than a month now and my first impression of China was very scary. Beijing is so big, no one speaks my language, and streets were different and crowded. However, I was in love with China on my second day! Great people, amazing city, easy to travel without knowing the language, beautiful monuments and great history and most importantly, the food…! I don’t think I can live without Chinese food anymore!

Picture of Emma and Her Colleagues

My Company:

I work for a very special company . We import wines from South Africa and France. Our general manager, Angela Yang and her team are wonderful. They accepted me like their family member. At the moment, I am a marketing assistant and until now, I have spoken with clients, written emails, made presentations and tried to do a lot of different things. At the same time, Angela wanted me to participate in every meeting to share my ideas with the team, has helped me to learn more about the job and I am really thankful for that.

Pictures of Emma and her colleagues at Kempinski Hotel, Chengdu

My Business Trip to Chengdu:

During and after work, we had so much fun together. Every night, we went out to eat amazing and unexpected dishes, for example, Sichuan hot pot (Chengdu specialty). So, if you don’t like spicy food, I wouldn’t recommend you to try Sichuan hot pot. It is more than just spicy and it’s hard for me to describe how I felt eating the hot pot, it seemed like there was a volcano that was ready to explode inside me!

My team is composed by young people and after dinner we walked into a typical street with a lot of little restaurants. After that we went to a club with our new friend from Germany who we met at the fair. I didn’t expect to find my second family in Beijing which makes me very happy and I love my company!

Emma Meroni, a marketing intern from China Internship Program, is placed in Beijing for 12 weeks, a student from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano.

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