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Scorpions, And Snakes, And Spiders! Oh, My!

Wangfujing Snacks

Have you ever eaten a scorpion? How about grasshopper? Snake? Tarantula? I thought not, and if you’d asked our very brave interns yesterday morning, I’m sure they would have turned green at the thought. Not now, though, because last night saw our trip to Wangfujing and the famous ‘snack’ street. Grasshopper and scorpion are just […]


Cats & Dogs For Dinner

From feeling so far away to feeling at home.  One interns story from beginning to end. I’m 20 years old and graduated from high school in summer 2009. After 13 years of school I didn’t want to go to university straight away. I looked for something different, an adventure. I decided on trying interning as […]


Contracts In China

When in China, foreigners are subject to Chinese law, regardless of their citizenship. Rights as a citizen in your home country do not carry over to other countries and disputes are resolved through the local legal system. Foreign instructors in China occasionally have contract disputes with their employers. Employees should be sure to have all […]


Kindergarten Teaching

The most important thing, no matter what age you are teaching – remember to smile! Everyone’s kindergarten experience will be different, due to the age of the kids, the location of the school and what is expected of you in the classroom. I had 2 kindergarten lessons, once a week. A class with 4/5 year […]


How An Old German Lady Came To China

I have never been a teacher, the same as most of the other people on the program, and we did not speak Chinese so we needed some very special preparation for teaching English to Chinese students. I am the old lady. At the end of the year I will be 69 and I used English […]


From China, With Love…

With a wide-open mind and a lust for adventure it’s hard not to fall in love with China My boyfriend Joe and I have been living in China for 3 months now and wow, what an adventure we are having!! From climbing the Great Wall, to learning how to teach a class of tiny three […]