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Inner Mongolia Day Three: Fossilized Fun

A GIANT 4 STORIES FOSSIL! China’s biggest fossil, China does seem to have the biggest of everything and today was no different. Today after a well deserved lie-in (slightly longer for some of us) we had a city tour of Hohhot. First stop was a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist place named Jokhang Temple, where we spent […]


Moon Cakes And iPods

Do I have a tale for you. These past couple of days have been crazy – non stop! Have you heard of a Moon Cake, or Moon Festival? Nope, well neither had I. To be short and sweet (like the cake) a Moon Cake is the Chinese version of a Fruitcake, yup, that also means […]


Tour Day!

The tour day number two kicked off with a stroll through Beijing’s Summer Palace. It was an overcast morning with low lying clouds, but the beautiful grounds of the palace guaranteed a pleasant walk.  Interns enjoyed views of the picturesque arched bridges and Kunming Lake, which was littered with boats and tourists. After a group […]


First Day Of Class

The interns got up bright and early for their first day of class, excited about the prospect of learning. Some of the TTC staff waited for any lost interns at the coffee shop but the tour from yesterday was such a success that no interns seemed to be lost. The interns where split into three […]


Arrival Day

The TTC team was up bright and early preparing everything for the big day. The TTC team was up bright and early preparing everything for the big day. After months of planning and organising, the day had finally arrived; interns arrived from all around the globe to begin their month of training, bonding and cultural […]


Winter Wonderland

The frost covered coaches lined up patiently awaiting the copiously clad interns in the half -light of the icy dawn.   Snowflakes fluttered in the frozen wind, coating the ice-glazed pavements in fleecy whiteness.  The pallid heavens polished the way for the tour bus snowploughs to voyage across the dicey Beijing boulevards. The Summer Palace stood, […]


Tremendous Teachers!

Placement School

Sunday morning at 7am (there are no lie ins for our interns!) we gathered the interns to depart for their first day of teaching practice. 3 weeks of theory work and studying had accumulated in a lot of nervous and excited looking faces as we arrived at the middle school ready for the interns to […]


Interns Get Their Chi On!

Taichi Class

Tai Chi – or T’ai chi ch’uan (太极拳) is an extremely popular kind of Chinese martial arts practiced throughout centuries. I don’t know about you guys, but when I think “martial arts” I think kicking, punching and insane fighting a little a la “Karate Kid”. But a quick google search proved me wrong on that […]