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There are many options and a lot of help out there for those planning to start a teaching career. Being a part of the Teach and Travel China program gives one a leg up on pursuing teaching. Different paths will be taken after the completion of the program, therefore, different advice can be given to people depending on their circumstance.

Some come into the program while in university or on a break from university, therefore starting a career right away might not be the first on the list, but it’s never bad to plan ahead. When returning to university, one can become a private tutor for the foreign community in that town and earn some money while studying. It is likely that teaching jobs will still be available in Asia and other parts of the world after graduation, so it would be good to stay in contact with the people you meets while in the Teach and Travel China (TTC). Especially in China, the more relationships, or guanxi, created and maintained the easier it will be to get a job when the time comes.

For those who have already finished school, and are looking to move forward in teaching, here are a few suggestions. The same advice given to university students applies to those not in school. While going through the program make good relationships and connections with people. China is a place where one is always meeting new people, and the next person met might be the perfect person to help you get a job. there is another article on how to, and where to find TEFL jobs. There are many websites that advertise the need for TEFL teachers all over the world, not just Asia. If you looks for jobs before starting the training, combining the connections made while in China, one could be hired and working by the end of TTC.

With TEFL, teaching is possible almost anywhere. The most common places that need teachers are Asia, South America and the Middle East. Though it may be harder to find TEFL jobs in America and Europe, that does not mean they do not exist. However, right out of the program, it is a good idea to start somewhere like Asia, gain some experience and then move on to the country that is more appealing.

Rachel Yoon

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