The Advantages Of Having A Tefl Certification| 1 min read

Imagine a university student sitting in a classroom staring out the large window. As the sun pours in and warms their face, the student ponders what it would be like to get away from the world they have always known, and starts to think of a way to go explore the world. The magical thing the student is looking for is TEFL.

It can take years to get a proper teaching degree that would qualify one to teach anywhere. However, TEFL requires only a short training period, after which the world’s door is unlocked.

In Asia especially, there is a constant need for English teachers and, though this is thankfully changing, many people who had no teaching qualifications were being hired to teach English in China.

Since China has begun cracking down on visas, it is a huge advantage to have a certification in TEFL. In fact there are many advantages to using TEFL as a means to go all around the world, while teaching English.

By having a TEFL certification, the opportunity is there to learn and experience many different cultures. Though it is not required when teaching in another country, you have the opportunity to learn a new language. There are a few articles that tell in more detail the experience that can be had abroad with TEFL.

Once the TEFL certification is obtained it never has to be renewed. There are many amazing things that can come out of having a TEFL certification and the opportunities are endless.

Rachel Yoon

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