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Marketing Intern: My First Week In China!

first week in china

My first week in China was too busy and I like this place although it is completely different from Italy. I left Milan on Wednesday and I arrived in Beijing on Thursday. Jodi, my intern manager was waiting for me at the airport and took me to my apartment straight away. I met other interns […]


First Impressions Of Beijing From An Intern’s Perspectivefirst Impressions Of Beijing From An Intern’s Perspective

Beijing impressions

My expectations of Beijing before arriving was that of an over-populated, heavily polluted city where every native was out to take advantage, in one way or another, of my “foreigness”. I’m fully aware this sounds reminiscent of a Hollywood setting for a dystopian future, but for some time this is honestly what I thought. During […]


Project Intern: My Day 5 In Chengdu

It was a normal day interning at my host company. Until that lunch, I met a very nice man named Zao Jang who kindly took me to a luxurious Chinese restaurant, accompanied by his wife. I didn’t realise who he really was until I got out of his new model Mercedes Benz car. He was […]


Finance Intern: Business Trip To Tianjin

I got set to partake on a business trip on the first day of my internship, it was a very humbling moment to get firsthand experience on what entails of an investors meeting. This trip broke the ice on what I might expect during my time here in China with my host organization. Although the […]


Event Intern: Unforgettable Memories Of Beijing

As someone who are always seeking for life challenges and anticipating for what the world could offer, I’m glad I made my decision coming over to Beijing for my internship. I wouldn’t say that the grass is always greener on the other side, but stepping out from my comfort zone is what I needed. I’m […]