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Shanghai intern

To be honest, I would have never expected myself to come to China, even now as I sit here writing this it seems almost surreal to be thousands of miles (or kilometers) away from my friends and family. I think traveling makes you realize who you are as a person with your different strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been fortunate enough to work within the China’s rapidly growing nuclear industry. Between the conferences, presentations to nuclear buyers and the hours spent researching and developing plans for move forward; I can safely say that I was never bored of work.

At this moment in my internship I have gone to two different conferences as well as helping set up the United States Pavilion for one of the largest nuclear conferences in the world which of course requires constant cooperation with key members within the industry.

One of the main challenges faced when working in the industry is the communication barrier. Being novice at the Chinese language does have its challenges but it has required me to explain my ideas in several different forms. At the same time, I have to do the reverse and constantly understand the language and customs within the Chinese business world.

I think one of the most important things when coming to China is to be realistic about what you hope to accomplish and set your goals before arriving.  Obviously having a positive attitude is needed to make for a great internship but at the same time you will be in a culture that may completely different from your own. I recommend the best way to feel comfortable in a new setting like China is to be open minded and willing to accept the different challenges that may face you on this journey.

William Landis, an engineering intern from China Internship Program, was placed in Shanghai for a 6-month internship; a student from Drexel University in Philadelphia, United States.

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