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Chinese Business Etiquette

Some tips and suggestions on what to do and expect when visiting China on business. Attire. Dress is not as formal in China as in some countries. However, you will be looked upon favourably if you dress well. Conservative dress is preferred for both men and women. Yet, jeans are not acceptable for business meetings, […]


The Benefits Of Hosting Interns

All businesses want to have stability and success in their dealings. Thus, it could seem daunting to consider the option of opening up your company to interns. However, there are many benefits to having interns working in your company. Simply the fact of being an intern causes them to work harder. Employees have the guaranty […]


How To Write A Cover Letter & CV

1. Cover Letter 1) What is a Cover Letter? Before you apply for a job, it is recommended to write a cover letter. The question is – what is it? A cover letter should include information such as an introduction of yourself, explanation of the purpose of writing the cover letter, highlights of the few […]


Discipline In a Chinese Classroom

Discipline can be a difficult thing to get right, especially in a classroom where each child responds differently to reprimands and punishment. In an actual Chinese school there are almost no rules regarding discipline, and the teacher decides what is the most appropriate way to deal with problems. Sometimes it takes getting creative to work […]


Participant’s Blog: Taking The Challenge!

Internship participants

Living in your comfort zone will kill you. For someone who’s understanding of the Chinese language can be rightly called mediocre, it was intimidating to say the least to work with such a professional and fast-paced company such as my host organization. The company works with large names such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz therefore […]

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