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Finance intern

I am Raffaele. I am at the last year of my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Universita’ Cattolica in Milan. I have spent one month in Beijing as an intern in the Chambers. I have decided to go to China because I am very interested in Chinese market and I think China has a super economic power. After this month I can say that my expectation was true indeed the economic transaction in China is very big and interesting.

I was interning as a finance intern and I was invited to a lot of meetings, conferences and business dinner by my host organization. The way to do business in China is very interesting. I think it is more pragmatic than in Europe and its main focus is on network among people. I think this is the most interesting part also for my future career because with this network I will also benefit in the future. If you are interested to have the first real ‘work’ experience abroad in a huge market like the Chinese one, I really suggest you to enjoy this program because it provides interesting experiences in work, culture and personal development.

During this experience I also had the opportunities to spend a weekend in Shanghai and one day at the Great Wall of China. This is an amazing experience for me because China is very big. I got to see the differences between Beijing and Shanghai. During my internship, I also took Mandarin lessons and I learnt some basic Chinese phrases in four weeks.

Chinese culture is very different from the Italian one but, in my opinion, it is very interesting and has a lot traditional history. There are many places for sightseeing. Chinese food is amazing and I definitely fall in love with Peking duck.

So if you are ready to explore more aspects of China in terms of culture, food, language and start to grow your own career network, you will definitely enjoy this internship program in China!

Raffaele Simonetta, finance intern from China Internship Program; was placed in Beijing on a 4-week internship; a student from  Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy

Rachel Yoon

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