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As someone who are always seeking for life challenges and anticipating for what the world could offer, I’m glad I made my decision coming over to Beijing for my internship. I wouldn’t say that the grass is always greener on the other side, but stepping out from my comfort zone is what I needed. I’m grateful that I found Immerqi to assist me along the way and eventually lead me to where I wanted to be.

I got my internship placement as an event assistant at a company. Before coming over, I was often told by people how dull and uninteresting being an intern and I was well prepared for that. But thankfully, things turned out to be the opposite. I attended a few sponsorship events, craft beers event, organized a new product release event, and also learnt a few things about marketing and sales too.

Another reason why Beijing is such an amazing place to be is the historical buildings that carry a thousand years of history. It is so inspiring how people back in the days are able to leave such an impressive story that lasted for centuries. Strolling along the buildings and getting exposed culturally is beyond wonderful.

There were so many things that I wanted to do in China and glad that I actually made it despite the cold winter weather. I did a day trip to Tian An Men, Forbidden City and Jinshan Park on a weekend, and it definitely took my breath away. The best way to end my day trip is climbing up to the Jinshan Park and had the entire view overlooking at the Forbidden City where the emperors used to live. Other than that, I’ve also visited the Summer Palace, which is also known as the Imperial Palace with lakes, gardens, temples and palaces. During winter, the lake surrounded the Imperial Palace is completely frozen and open for ice skate. Besides that, my trip to The Great Wall at this particular section called Water Great Wall, Huang Hua Cheng was one of the best too. Although it is not as famous as the other spot such a Badaling and Mutianyu, however, Huang Hua Cheng is known as its own charm where there are mountains and lakes surrounding the place. The advantage of visiting a tourist spot during winter is you don’t have to squeeze through the crowds or having someone else’s face photo bombing your pictures.

I spent a quality time with my friends surrounded by the breath-taking scenery while enjoying the moment of tranquility. There are also several things and places I went that made my stay here filled with so much joy. I went for a theatre stage show and was so impressed with the two hours play that I couldn’t get my eyes off and totally amazed with how experienced they are. I’ve also gone to Shanghai with my roommate in Beijing and had a splendid time, not to forget a tea ceremony to expand my knowledge about the Chinese tea culture.

To summarize my three months stay in Beijing that would be an unforgettable memory. I’m lucky to met all these amazing friends over here, and I’m glad how fate brings us together. It’s sad to know that I’ll have to bid goodbye to everyone very soon, but I believe that someday we will definitely meet again.

Zhi Wei Ong,an event assistant from China Internship Program, was placed in Beijing for 3 months; a student from Perth Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT) majored in Diploma in Communications & Creative Industry, Australia.

Rachel Yoon

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