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ImmerQi Renews Ties Membership

Back in 2012, ImmerQi, in a move to become more socially responsible and eco-friendly, became members of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), who promote ecotourism and responsible travel throughout the world. In 2014, we have renewed our membership for a further 2 years! The extension of our membership to TIES is evidence of ImmerQil’s long standing […]


3rd Annual Corn Harvesting Event (2013)

For the third consecutive year (2013), ImmerQi staff, accompanied by some Teach and Travel China interns, participated in a corn harvesting event at a local foster home for blind and visually impaired orphans. Autumn is the season of crop harvesting and ImmerQi staff travelled down to one our partner charities to assist the organisation with […]


An Interview With The Foster Home

Foster home interview

ImmerQi works with several NGOs and charitable organisations in and around Beijing. One of our longest serving relationships has been with an foster home which cares for visually impaired children. Thus far, ImmerQi has provided 4 fantastic volunteers as well as assisting the organisation financially and in other ways by attending fund-raising events and corn […]


Foster Home Christmas Concert

ImmerQi Staff joined many other Beijingers at the Foster Home Christmas Concert. From the moment of entering the hotel lobby, where it was held, greeted by a gust of warm air, to the very end of exiting the concert hall with many smiling faces and warm goodbyes, the experience was beautiful. At the back of […]


Team Building Day At The Foster Home

The ImmerQi team recently ventured out to the Beijing based foster home for visually impaired children for a charitable team building event. Much of the staff were in anticipation all week, excited about the prospect of once again visiting the beautiful and scenic location that houses dozens of precious children, all whom ail from varying […]


Fundraising For Foster Home In Beijing

Volunteer fundraising

Our partner, a not-for-profit organisation, is a center dedicated to supporting and caring for visually impaired orphans in China, helping them live a fulfilling and independent life as equal members of society. The organisation provides  foster care, education, therapies  and  professional  training  for  visually   impaired children, embodying a home-like environment  where  up  to  60  individuals  […]


Immerqi Staff Visit Beijing Zoo With Kids From A Local Foster Home

Volunteer zoo visit

ImmerQi Volunteer Project Manager, Kirsty Armstrong and Project Assistant, Jodi Yang, accompanied some program participants as they ventured to the Beijing Zoo with an excitable group of kids from a local foster home for visually impaired children. It’s safe to say that it was a spectacular day out! The day started off a little shakily, […]


What Immerqi Offers You As A Partner

There are many aspects of ImmerQi that are marketable in areas of business and advertisement, and those who work in conjunction with us have the opportunity to reap the benefits of its programs. Apart from the many options that ImmerQi offers, there are other advantages to partnering with us. We pride ourselves on our Corporate […]