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Our partner, a not-for-profit organisation, is a center dedicated to supporting and caring for visually impaired orphans in China, helping them live a fulfilling and independent life as equal members of society.

The organisation provides  foster care, education, therapies  and  professional  training  for  visually   impaired children, embodying a home-like environment  where  up  to  60  individuals  can  learn  daily  living  skills. They also provide a special education program including preschool and grade school, providing students with skills toward attaining professional independence.

The organisation is now close to opening their newest foster care project. “The Lighthouse Foster Home” which will give multi- disabled, visually impaired children the chance to receive specialised care, education and therapy that will be tailored to their physical and learning needs. They will continue to set a high-quality example of care for visually impaired orphans amongst the Chinese foster care community.

To support the opening of the new centre the organization needs to continually find new ways to raise funds and promote its vision. One way that they are doing this is through Global Giving, http://www.globalgiving.org a charity fundraising web site that gives NGOs a platform for online fundraising. Global Giving is a registered organisation, offering donors a transparent, high-impact giving experience. We are very happy to announce that Global Giving has accepted the organisation’s partnership application. But before they can become a lifetime Global Giving partner, they need to complete a challenge. The challenge is to raise $4000 USD from a minimum of 50 donors before 30th September 2012.

A permanent partnership with Global Giving is very important and means that:

Existing supporters can donate through a site that is efficient and easy to use. The organisation’s online presence will be expanded to reach new donors and partners. They will form an excellent partnership with this high-quality online fundraising platform.

There are a number of needs that the foster home has suggested donations for, including the birthday fund, foster care expenses, caregiver salaries, therapy costs, community trips, as well as the ever important ‘where most needed’ fund.

As friends and partners of ImmerQi, we would like to ask to help us in our continued support of this very special charity by pledging a donation. The donation doesn’t need to be huge, and can be a minimum of just $10USD. Every donation will help them in their challenge and increase their opportunity of winning a place on the just giving website!

ImmerQi promotes the importance of corporate social responsibility in local organisations and we are a proud sponsor of the foster home. We would be very grateful for any help you can provide by donating a small amount via Just Giving. When making a donation, please inform us that you have done so, so that we can calculate the total amount donated to the charity from ImmerQi friends and partners!

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected].

Rachel Yoon

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