Au Pair: Nightlife In Beijing| 2 min read

I thought that I had hit the motherload of parties and the nightlife extreme when I was back home in South Africa, at least until I was introduced to Beijing nightlife.

From Wangfujing street to Tian’anmen square and Sanlitun club and bar street Beijing is overflowing with rave clubs, corner pubs, roadside entertainment, karaoke and breathtaking traditional dance performances.

Now, I know when I mention karaoke you must be thinking, “Well, there is Karaoke in every city in the world.” Except, in Beijing, there is the fun invention called a Karaoke Hotel which is just that. You rent out rooms with Karaoke machines where you can throw private parties with your friends and sing without further embarrassing yourself past your friendship groups.  With this being said, I should also mention the abundances of Karaoke bars where you can too, rent out rooms and sing until your hearts are content.

Wangfujing street, known as cheap shopping central by day, transforms into a night of lights, music and traditional dances at night. From cheap alcohol to lively performances Wangfujing street is definitely a place to spend a few Friday nights.

With all these exciting, boisterous places, the most popular, for good reason, would be the Sanlitun bar and party street. With some of the most popular clubs in Beijing Sanlitun jumps from a busy business area to a mix of music, good vibes, and extravagant parties.

Being foreign in Beijing does not only mean being treated like a celebrity but it also means free entrance to the most expensive clubs and free drinks, if you happen to get your hands on a PR contact. Which is easier than it seems, for instance, within my first week in China I had the contacts for PRs of three of the most popular clubs in Beijing.

Although the clubs are always fun, I would have to say that one of my best nights out included stumbling across a bar hidden in a corner on one of the quieter roads. Being in China, you always come across hidden treasures such as these.

Amber’Jade Friend, a South African Au Pair from Au Pair China Programme, is placed in Beijing for 6 months.

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Rachel Yoon