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While being an Au Pair in China, or most other countries as well, you often get the pleasure of enjoying whimsical adventures and other, more quiet outings. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in a major yearly charity event.

The charity event itself is based solely on raising money for the less privileged children in and around Beijing, as well as other parts of China, who have a passion for the musical arts and cannot afford to give their careers in the industry wings.


“Wings Of Music”  Celebrated its ninth anniversary Charity Gala with festivities, traditional dancing, and happy vibes.

Where numerous groups of high end, very talented dancing groups consisting traditional Chinese dancing as well as ballet and hip-hop dance routines, singing groups and orchestra groups put together a show for ‘high society’ and selling the tickets in order to raise funds.

Whilst the family members of the performers are given the opportunity to set up ‘stalls’ where they sell products purchased with their own money.  The ‘Wings Of Music’ charity is in partnership with the ‘Symphony Development Foundation.’

This organisation invited professors, musicians, and conductors from China and other international companies to provide quality music lessons free of charge to children who are unable to afford their personal lessons.

All of the funds raised go directly to the charity and nothing is profited by the stall owners or the charity organisers.

My host child, Ally, performed two separate dances on the day of the charity gala, therefore I was able to run my host moms tea and Moutai stall for her.

I was also in charge of doing all the dancers make up for the events in order to raise additional money for the Wings  Of Music charity.

When you attend high-end events such as this you, most often than not, are fortunate enough to meet important figures in Chinese society as well as international figures.

I being a big tennis fan was extremely lucky, and head over heels excited when I was able to meet an International, touring professional tennis player who too was a part of the fundraising madness.

Our Tea stall was combined with a Moutai stall which was fortunate enough to raise over ten thousand Yuan for the Charity Gala making this year a great success for everybody who took the time to organise, plan and put everything together.

For those who attended the Gala, it truly was a success.

“Spend less, donate more.”

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