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Top 10 Reasons to Intern Abroad!

Feel like seeing more of the world and doing it on the cheap? How about gaining some valuable life and professional experience while you’re at it? Becoming an intern abroad is something that more and more people are doing in order to achieve just that. There is a multitude of reasons you should intern abroad, […]


Top 10 Reasons to become an Au Pair Abroad!

So you’ve heard about being an Au Pair, but don’t quite know what to make of it. Have no fear, here we outline 10 reasons why you should consider taking the plunge and being an Au Pair abroad!   1. The Money   While your actual living allowance or salary won’t be terribly high, the […]


Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Duan Wu Festival

Dragon Boat Festival, often known as Duan Wu Jie (端午节 Duān Wǔ Jié), is a traditional holiday originating in China. The holiday occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month on lunar calendar. You can also call it the Double Fifth Festival. For the year of 2017, we are going to celebrate this public […]


10 Tips For Responsible Travel During Public Holidays

With the pending holiday coming up for National Week (dubbed Golden Week) ImmerQi’s CSR Team want you to use this opportunity to not only experience this miraculous country but also share and practice responsible and eco-friendly travel! Pack bio-degradable toiletries. The ground water you may be contaminating is not your own. Reuse your water bottles […]


Don’t Lose Your Face Or Your Guanxi Will Fail Too

Guanxi in China

Every country has those aspects that effect the way things are done and make them different from everyone else. In china those aspects are Mianzi (face) and Guanxi (friendship/relationship), and they make some things in China completely different from elsewhere. Face is very important to a Chinese person, if you make someone “lose face,” you […]


The Importance Of Numbers In Chinese Culture

China lucky number 8

China and lucky numbers: Every culture had different superstitions and beliefs surrounding numbers. China does too and there are interesting reasons behind what makes a number lucky or unlucky… As numbers have always played an important role in China, we would like to introduce you to these numbers. The number 8 is famously lucky in China […]


A Thank You Letter From The Participant’s Parents

thank you letter

Recently we received a lovely Thank-You note from Eduardo’s parents addressing to Cassie, a senior staff of ImmerQi. Cassie Shu is from the magnificent Giuzhou Province who has worked for ImmerQi for six years. She started to work for Teach & Travel China program as a senior program advisor. After a few years, she got […]