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There are many aspects of ImmerQi that are marketable in areas of business and advertisement, and those who work in conjunction with us have the opportunity to reap the benefits of its programs.

Apart from the many options that ImmerQi offers, there are other advantages to partnering with us. We pride ourselves on our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and have won two awards for our efforts. Along with the connections we have built in China and the recognition we have received through our efforts in CSR, our prestigious company would greatly enjoy adding your company’s name to our repertoire of partners.

Because ImmerQi is so unique, we have a lot to offer. Our programs encompass teaching, interning, volunteering, learning mandarin and providing opportunities for the Chinese to further their studies abroad. The company originally was established to bridge the gap between east and west, but has developed into a bridge that goes both ways. As a result, ImmerQi does not simply offer programs that bring foreigners to China, but also helps to send Chinese abroad for education.

Working in conjunction with ImmerQi, your company will be placing the foundations of the bridge from west to east. You will be recruiting for the Teach and Travel China Program, Volunteer Program China and China Internship Program. Each program is distinctly different, and the participants will obtain completely different experiences.

Teach and Travel China offers people, from young university students to experienced adults, the chance to come into China and be trained in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). The participants will not only get training in TEFL, but will be exposed to the culture of China through organized trips, teaching experience in a Chinese school and learning mandarin. This program is not simply TEFL training, it will open the participant’s eyes to the possibilities that teaching has to offer around the world, and your company could be the one to have sent them here.

The Volunteer Program China is also exceptionally unique. The program is long-term, with the shortest time allowed being eight weeks, twelve weeks being an ideal length. The participants work at an orphanage for blind and visually impaired children, and it is run by an American-French couple who work hard to establish a specific environment for both the children and everyone involved. What truly makes the program different is in the experience the volunteers will have. They will be interacting with the children everyday, working in the self-sustained farm, teaching the children English, writing to the sponsors and helping in any other ways they are able. The program is not established for the participants to relax and play around, they will be working hard and gaining the most rewarding and memorable experience that can change their life forever.

Lastly, the China Internship Program in itself offers many options and opportunities. There are different categories of internships, ranging from education, to marketing, to architecture. We have established good business relationships with hundreds of companies, which the interns will be placed at according to their interests and abilities. The internship program is idiosyncratic because it is not only opening up opportunities to young adults but inversely it benefits the host company as well by offering them young minded people with fresh ideas.

With every program provided we offer 24/7 in country support from our very own staff and assistance with obtaining a visa, by providing the invitation letter. Partnering with ImmerQi will give your company something extra and different that will draw in multitudes of participants, all you have to do is spread the word.

Rachel Yoon

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