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Entrepreneurship in education

Joanne Wong, Managing Director of ImmerQi has won the award in the Masterclass sector as Socially Responsible Entrepreneur at the Junior Chamber International Socially Responsible Company Awards 2013.
The award in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia honored Joanne Wong in Education and Cultural Exchange.

Y.B. Tuan Kamalanathan, Malaysia Deputy Minister II of Education and Higher Learning, presented the award to ImmerQi Managing Director, Joanne Wong who has been involved in education in Asia for a quarter of a century and has been key to ImmerQi’s success in expanding operations from China to Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.  Joanne’s award follows wins at the ASEAN Outstanding Business Awards 2011 and 2013 and a 2012 win at the JCI Socially Responsible Company awards in education for ImmerQi.

“It is an honor for myself and for ImmerQi as a whole to be recognized again by the JCI for its efforts and achievements in CSR” said Joanne, “To win an award in the Masterclass sector further solidifies the commitment of ImmerQi and its staff to CSR practices.”

JCI provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. The awards were supported by the Prime Minister Department of Malaysia and encourage small and medium sized businesses using principles of the UN Global Compact; Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

The awards were part of the Malaysia International Corporate Social Responsibility Conference, the first ever in Malaysia and had 600 delegates attend from various companies and higher education institutions. JCI Public Relations Director, Nur Adora Shafini commented that ImmerQi’s attendance was of great importance, “We are encouraging companies from outside Malaysia to join the CSR conference, ImmerQi’s presence internationally is fantastic for the young people attending this event.”

The JCI Socially Responsible Company Awards, in its third year, honored 17 Asia based companies and individuals for responsible and impactful contributions to CSR which included fields as diverse as Environmental, Technology, Construction, Child Care, Recycling and Social Financing.

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